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Thread: Has anyone ever saved your life?

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    Has anyone ever saved your life?

    Once when I was working for Forestry I accidentally cut a wasps nest in half with my brush saw. I was instantly swarmed and when I notice the other guys on the crew were running away and I thought nobody was going to help me I went into a panic and started running blindly. After a couple of minutes I felt myself getting tackled and then being covered up with a blanket then being told to stay still and the wasps will go away. When Gary took the blanket off me I almost freaked out again because I was a few feet away from the edge of Rose Wall Cliff. Rose Wall Cliff is about 50 feet tall and the face of it is cover with wild roses so I would of fell threw 50 feet of wild rose bushes then landed in a pile of broken booze bottles (lots of people throw their empty bottles off the cliff). It would of been a pretty gruesome death so I will always have a special place in my heart for Gary for saving me from it. Cheers!

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    I was playing Killing Floor 2 the other day on one of the 40+ player servers. I was Firebugging and happily camping the main spawn point for super easy and lame points when I think we hit wave 6 or 7. All the sudden, four heavies spawn and I'm down there mostly alone with my silly flamethrower and some on-fire pissed off Fleshpound starts charging me. We were playing on the hardest difficulty so getting hit twice by a FP is insta-death regardless of armor or health. I got hit once, managed to stumble the FP with a gush of fire, then sprint backpedalled continuing to gush fire while being chased. A bunch of the medics on the nearby castle walls (this was the Helms Deep custom map) kept shooting at me with their drug guns to get my health back up and provide that +10% speed boost you get when the medics hit you. So they kinda saved my life.

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    A surgeon and his team of nurses saved my life by removing my inflamed appendix. Then another surgeon and her team of nurses saved my life by removing the infected material (a bucketload of pus, according to the surgeon, probably slightly exaggerated) after I had a huge abscess when the wound from the first surgery got infected.

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    A DJ, last night.

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    Superman pulled me out of a burning building last week. He then handed me an invoice and flew off.

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    I've had some try to kill me but none who tried to save me.

    I guess you could say Frank for turning on his lights the night all of us were riding motorcycles on a moonless night with our lights off. Technically he just chickened out first but if he hadn't I would have hit that bridge banister. It was a near thing. Not a second to spare. Good old Frank, the only one of us with any sense.

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    I want a thread called "Tocky's stories" in which Tocky reminiscences once a day. I figure he could last at least a year. We can off a few rock and roll stars along the way if it would help. I would happily stop reading all news and just listen to Tocky's stories instead.

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    I was playing in the sea when I was 3 (rhyming stops here), before I could swim and I wandered into a bait pit (large hole removed by fishing supplies people to get invertebrates for bait) and started to drown.
    I can very barely remember this beyond a chaotic sensation of being underwater, but the story goes that my Dad got The Tingle and realised he couldn't see me and somehow managed to bound into the sea where I'd been playing, find me and rescue me out. Was terrified of getting my face in water after that, didn't learn to swim until I was 11.

    Then, when I was around 4, I had a hand injury which was bandaged and during the night, I somehow managed to get it wrapped around both my neck and my bedpost before falling out of the bed. My sister woke to find me blue in the face, and she got me out of that.

    Since then, no major troubles.

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    I think we just had an insight into faetal's nick name.

    Other than also being rescued from drowning as a careless 8 year old I haven't been saved that I can recall. I have dodged self-initiated death or serious injury on many occasions. I think our youth is one long test of our (my) assumption of invulnerability or at least that we can start being careful, later.

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    I third the Tocky notion. Hell, I'd be willing to say we should start up an entire section of the forum dedicated to Tocky Tales. Only he could make new threads there, though anyone could reply to them.

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    But who is going to buy all the liquor to loosen my tongue?

    Actually, I've been thinking of writing a book for my kids the way my dad did for us and this might be good practice. I learned things about my dad I would have never guessed and though it made him more human to me it didn't make him any less a god. It made me know how much more alike we are than I would have guessed. He had settled down a lot from his earlier days and I never knew. We only found it after his death. I think that was exactly as he intended. Maybe he thought we would think less of him for some things. If so he was wrong.

    Hell I'm game. But only if I get paid back in stories from y'all and we tell them warts and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    But who is going to buy all the liquor to loosen my tongue?
    You could try setting up a Patreon page...

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    Ah hell if I'm going to let someone else pay me to be an alcoholic. It's not a job. It's an adventure. I guess I could try one long thread I keep adding to and if I strike a chord with anyone they can chime in with their story. No pressure. On that note I wouldn't place any on myself either so it might be one every few days or few weeks. It seems awfully self indulgent though.

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    You won't be indulging yourself so much as you'll be indulging everyone else.

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