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Thread: Nerfing the Blackjack

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    You could probably attach a tiny dynamic light to each AI - not enough to shine on anything, but enough to make bodies visible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tafferwocky View Post
    Other AIs can walk right past or even on top of the unconscious (or dead) bodies without noticing. If you could force players to take more care with hiding the bodies, to place them in cupboards and rooms out of the way of guard patrols instead of simply leaving them there, it would certainly provide a bit more challenge and inconvenience if they played that way, not to mention adding a bit more realism
    Good that you mention it. I played around that idea as well in the past.
    But sadly, I never got it to work properly.

    I changed the AI > Utility > Visibility control Low light from 13 to 2.
    With that, the AI will get immediately to alert 3 when they walk over the body in complete darkness, but they will shout the "go to attack"-speech instead of the "found body"-speech and will never search around and just resume patrolling. (pretty weird behaviour)
    I don't know what is happening, maybe someone can help me out here?

    But beside that, it's definitely a good way to make blackjacking harder.
    But it's only a small change, because with the original Blackjack design you can simple run around and knock out everyone, regardless if they see dead body’s lying around or not.

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