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Thread: Thief vs real life stealth

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmTheWalrus View Post
    Also Thief 1 and 2 do have a slight silhouette system. It's a rare occurence, but I have noticed enough times where if the wall is lit but the surrounding walls aren't or the floor isn't or whatever, you are visible. E.g. light coming through a window in an otherwise pitch black room.
    This is a faulty interpretation of events, there is no silhouette system in Dark. Player visibility to the AI is 100% governed by the light gem, which in turn is governed by whether or not your midsection (which is where the Player object is) is illuminated.

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    Stealth Systems

    Quote Originally Posted by Grandmauden View Post
    Well, the first thing that jumps into my mind is silhouettes. Even if I'm in the darkest shadow possible when a guard is looking in my direction, if there's a light source behind me and I'm blocking at least part of that light, the guard could easily realize someone is standing there.

    However, I've never seen Thief, or any other stealth games (to my knowledge), take silhouettes into account. But that's a good thing, IMO, because otherwise, it'd be too frustrating and unfair for players. Imagine how difficult the games would become if light sources could give you away even without directly illuminating you! Even the first tutorial in "A Keeper's Training" would probably be impossible if the Keeper instructor acknowledged your silhouette.

    I'm working on AI in Unity currently, and hoping to make something quite Thiefy one day. I have a basic stealth system going, but still need to add in a proper search behaviour, have guards communicate to each other, etc.

    I was thinking that I would try to put in the silhouette checking, as well, so players really had to hide in dark areas that aren't backed by a light wall behind them, etc. I think it'd work well, so long as the level design made sure to provide these sorts of spaces.

    Also, the guards would need specific voice lines for when they detect you this way, to provide the player with feedback about why they have been seen... I'm not sure how one would slip that into conversation without it sounding awkward!?

    "I see you against the light!"
    "I see a silhouette over here!"

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