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Thread: NEW TDM mission "Volta 2: Cauldron of the Gods" by Kingsal (1 DEC 2017)

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    NEW TDM mission "Volta 2: Cauldron of the Gods" by Kingsal (1 DEC 2017)

    Have not played the mission yet but I know that Kingsal is an amazing mission builder. His missions give you the feeling and nostalgia of the original series (1/2 thief)

    This is the second mission in the Volta series. It's time to hand off the stone, and get your payment.

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    It's an excellent mission with some crazy amazing voice acting. Any fan of the good ol' classic Thief 1 experience needs to play that one.
    Just be advised: make frequent hard saves because I encountered a repeatable crash at one point. The area I encountered the crash in is rather late in the mission after you pass a certain threshold.

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    Am playing it atm, and yes this is one seriously good mission. Caves, Apebeasts, lost city, confusing map, well hidden items and stunningly good looks. What more do you want.

    Thank you Kingsal.

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    congrast to relase

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    Great news, because i'm currently in a DarkMod-frenzy, replaying all the classics.
    Thank you, Kingsal.

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    Congratulations on the release Kingsal!

    This mission is very well done, taking many pages out of the Thief: The Dark Project design book and mixing them with your own unique touch.

    The custom artwork, briefing video, AI, ambient music and SFX are all very high quality, true to the thief universe and cohesively implemented with a level of polish that makes this feel more unique than any other TDM mission before it.

    The level design is well thought out, intuitive and fun to play. On each playthrough I found myself coming back and discovering new things that I missed before. So there is plenty of replay value here too.

    Overall a very enjoyable experience, well done Kingsal, you've done an incredible job here!

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    Please enjoy the mission!

    And yes, until I've had skacky's crash looked at please make hard saves every 15-20 minutes or so just in case. Thanks!

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    I'm looking forward to playing this this weekend, finally! I had the chance to test it but never had time, sadly. At least I get to enjoy the final product! Congrats on the release Kingsal, I had a ton of fun doing voice work for this mission.

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    Updated to 1.1
    -Fixed the crash skacky was having. It's still good practice to make hard saves though Sorry for any problems that may have caused.

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    Can you manually install TDM missions? I always go through the built-in downloader/installer.

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    Yes. Just place the mission package under your darkmod/fms folder and when you restart TDM and go to look for new missions you will get a message about the new mission in your list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Can you manually install TDM missions? I always go through the built-in downloader/installer.
    Yes. Just d/l the pk4 file and pop it into your TDM fm's folder and the game will load the mission as normal.

    Ps. I can see why you had a ball doing the voices for the Manbeasts, bet you were in hysterics whilst in front of that microphone.

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    Yes! It was fun and challenging, and I also had to take breaks to rest the voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Can you manually install TDM missions? I always go through the built-in downloader/installer.
    You can also unzip .pk4 package to your FM folder. Use 'Extract to' option to put it in a folder. Pk4s are just zips using old deflate compression. The in-game engine can be pretty slow with decompression, so it should speed up loading times.

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    Loved this mission , perfect level design, The architecture of the places is very good, although i would have added more trims to some areas, the areas beneath the earth with the beast creatures reminded Dark Messiah , the gameplay is very enjoyable, mysterious and easygoing, the atmosphere is captivating and tense, the voice of the beasts are very good. Overall a high quality mission, thank you so much for this sweet Gift
    Last edited by Cardia; 2nd Dec 2017 at 17:54.

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    This was flat out fantastic Kingsal. The friggin beasts rule, those darn shadows creeped me out.

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    It's quite good, very large and very much like a modern-styled mission based on a very pagan/beast theme from the original Thief game.

    Just a couple things...

    I thought the altars that ask for offerings would be more useful than what they were. Still, hunted down and found all three of the items to give to them. Free arrows and loot, I suppose. Little disappointing it wasn't more. Readables or interesting easter eggs or something for hunting this stuff down.

    One piece of loot I couldn't figure out how to get...

    A golden plate positioned under the ramp in "The Cauldron" area. Didn't seem to be any way to get it other than noclip which is how I figure out what it was.

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    Wow, what a fun one. Thank you!

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    Fun and no crashes. Only found 2 secrets so I'll have to go back and explore more.

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    A beautiful nightmare, really enjoying this one.

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    For me it was a masterpiece!

    Congratulation Kingsal!

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