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Thread: New T2 NewDark FM - Precarious Business (Dec. 6, 2017)

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    Registered: Jun 2016
    Location: Minnesota

    New T2 NewDark FM - Precarious Business (Dec. 6, 2017)

    Hello! I've finished and tested my first mission and it's all ready to go. There is nothing special to do, just steal whatever you can get your mitts on!

    DL link:

    Description: This mission takes place several weeks directly after the events of The Dark Project.

    "It's been some time since I outfoxed the Trickster and altered the Pagans' plans for the City. Life has slowly started to normalize again, and regular unexciting jobs are something I look all too forward to now.

    Basso informed me the other day of a potential one, he had recieved a tip from someone requesting my qualities personally, to rob a noble called Lord Rowland. Well, I'm not exactly desperate for pay, but to have a reserve in safekeeping is quite reassuring..

    I've taken up a room at the 'Sleeping Hound Inn' in north-eastern Olde Quarter, where Rowlands' manor resides. I was also provided a rather crudely drawn map of the area, though it plots a way in. Not even ten minutes go by when a note slips under the door...

    Heh.. back to work."

    Serious thank-yous to my testers Marbleman, Cardia and H3H3 for their incredibly helpful advice during testing and Melan for letting me use some textures from Disorientation. Thank-you to this entire community as well. May we all continue the legacy of Thief for many years!

    All right, time to take a bit of a break from Dromed and play some of my backlog, ha!

    Cheers -

    ObservingEye (Nick)
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    Congrats on the release, ObservingEye! It's always so exciting to explore fms of new authors! Thank you

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    Well well congratulations on your first release! So far this mission plays and feels very good, giving me TDP flashbacks and all! A truly fine first release, which succeeds in delivering a good look and gameplay using mostly stock resources, something some authors should really learn from . I'm definitely looking forward to your next FM.

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    Welcome to the FM makers and congratulations on your first release, hehe Gonna play it in a while.

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    Congrats on the release! This is a good first mission with a strong Assassins vibe to it. Not too many issues with it and no glaring beginner mistake. Overall it's solid taffing with some classic Thief scenarios. I really liked the inn at the start as well as some city areas, especially the underpass with the windows next to the oddities shop.

    My two gripes with the mission are first that it's a bit disappointing that the city is largely window dressing (even though it's pretty well made and looks like an OM or an old-school mission), second that THAT ONE lever has a pick distance that's far too low (you know which one). Granted finding it is not mandatory, but I imagine most people will take this route and even with max gamma I had a hard time finding it because you have to almost touch it for it to highlight. It's a bit jarring in an otherwise well designed mission.

    Looking forward to your next mission!

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    Great work! Good atmosphere, great writing. Good use of alternate paths.
    Very fun little mission.
    Really looking forward for your next one!

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    Registered: May 2017
    Location: USA
    Congrats!! It's a rush, isn't it? Look forward to trying it out!

    I guess I'm no longer the greenest author on the forums; now I'm a grizzled vet! :P

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    Location: Minnesota
    Thank you all. Yeah, I didn't want to go too all out with a city just yet skacky, but plans are in the works Sorry about that lever...

    It is definitely a rush... but anxiety inducing as well!

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Congratulations on the release! I'll look forward to playing it when I can.

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    Registered: Oct 2013
    Loved it.
    Not filled with hi res crap and music that bloats the size to like 800mb.
    Not filled to the brim with marble or metal.
    Not extremely difficult and grindy.
    Not a long, drawn out, 4+ hour crawl over several square miles of confusing city block.
    No confusing arbitrary "puzzles" with obscure hints.
    No constant backtracking.
    Just fun from beginning to end.

    The mission definitely could have benefited from a little more in the streets.
    Some rope points and a little extra loot and a readable or two would have solved this.
    Like skacky said, it was mostly facade, although a nice facade.
    Streets could have used another guard or two as well.

    Great mission and I look forward to more FMs like this.

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    Registered: Aug 2006
    Location: France (Reims - Champagne)
    Congratulations on the Release Nick, it was a pleasure to betatest it!
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    Location: Praha
    Congrats on the release.

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    Registered: Jun 2016
    Location: Minnesota
    So silly me. When I first started making this fm I had forgotten I had NTEX installed and was using those while creating. Having just popped into the fm with a fresh install I'm seeing all the textures that are slightly misaligned. I can certainly fix them if most people want me to and release an updated version later.

    Thank you all so far for the positive feedback!

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    Location: South Coast,England uk
    great for a first mission ....I agree with other comments...

    should be a few more ai about....and perhaps a few more accessible places,like the door above the wooden balcony in town etc

    other than that it was a fun play..

    I was able to take the torc,without picking the glass box around it...but no big deal

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    Registered: May 2009
    Location: Germany
    That was quite a nice mission!
    A few scattered coins under benches, near foundations, etc. would have made a good reward for exploring the mostly empty streets, though.
    Or some more of the windows where one could rope up to and snatchsomething through open some of the open windows.
    I finished with pretty much all the loot except for 80, which are actully not obtainable at all : 2 spice bags in the storeroom of the Vegi-Store, which leads down into the crypts. They can not be frobbed at all.

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    Fun little mission!! Enjoyed it alot! Thanks for building it for us to enjoy.

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    Great first mission enjoyed it!!

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    Registered: May 2008
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    i enjoyed mission,but i wish i had to get to get back to city streets before mission ends

    great job hope you keep making missions

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    Registered: Jun 2009
    Location: Argentina
    Quote Originally Posted by ObservingEye View Post
    So silly me. When I first started making this fm I had forgotten I had NTEX installed and was using those while creating.

    That explains why I kept constantly telling myself that I'd rotate some wooden textures 90 degrees If you ever update this FM I'll gladly replay it, as I missed some loot on my first playthrough!

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    Registered: Nov 2014
    Many thanks for this nice mission, the atmosphere in the manor was top-notch!

    Keep them coming

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    I guess I must be the only person so far who has not figured out how to get behind the painting of the guy in unit 2 who likes books about the Trickster!

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    check his desk Marbrien

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    Took me a while to find that switch down in the crypts, but otherwise, a fun, straightforward mission!

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    Just finished and was nice little mission, hope to see more. Congrats!

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