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Thread: The Best Games Of 2017

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    I played so few games this year, but the ones I did play were awesome. Zelda and Mario Odyssey are tied for number one, though I still havenít totally finished either, and Arms comes in third. Most of my other gaming time was spent on the SNES Classic, where I played Earthbound for the first time and loved it.

    I still have a pile of PC games that I bought in the 2016 winter sale that I havenít touched. Firewatch: game of the year 2018!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    For me, it's more about the game than the genre. I play nearly everything outside of console exclusives, VR games, racing games, and flight sims, since I don't have the equipment for those. Though, I did enjoy Burnout Paradise a lot even with a basic controller.
    Makes sense. I'll give the nod to Hellblade and Nioh for 2017, which complement each other nicely - Hellblade's got okay gameplay and is heavily story-focused for a few very good reasons, while Nioh's got a ridiculous, barely-there story but has gameplay that's pretty much a benchmark for its genre.

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