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Thread: Time expiration logged in as member

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    Time expiration logged in as member


    Could it be possible to extend the time as a logged in member? In some cases, I have to write large posts and I'm automatically logged out after... 5 minutes? Is there an available option to extend this time? It's really frustrating to have to sign-in, and sign-in, and sign-in... over and over.
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    The forums shouldn't log you out before 15 minutes - that's the same time that people show up as being active on the forum. In practice if your browser is managing cookies correctly then you shouldn't really even see an issue at that point.

    Which browser are you using and are you able to try an alternative?

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    FWIW, the same thing has always happened to me for as long as I can remember, and it doesn't matter what browser I use or what my cookie settings are.

    A long time ago, I got in the habit of hitting preview every few minutes when writing a long post.

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    That's strange, heywood. EnYBOLa has been discussing this on the discord chat and it appears to have been related to not having "Remember me?" ticked (or at least ensuring it was ticked again solved it).

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