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Thread: T2 FM: Home Sweet Home by Lady Rowena (24 Dec 2017)

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    Downwinder, if you read the note in the bank vault it lists all the key owners. There's also a link a in the OP for the lootlist, that also lists all the key locations.

    As for the snow on the forum board, guess one of the mods is having a bit of a Christmas giggle.
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    i never got into bank so i had no idea,i looked for a way in but never found it

    i guess i am curious if all objectives can be done before finishing mission?

    and thank you

    how to enter bank and merry window in?
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    You don't need to complete the optional objectives.

    Other objectives are triggered as you make your way around the map, follow the notes leading you to Zack, at some point in this Zack hunt you'll receive your loot target as well.

    But if you find Zack before you have triggered all the hidden objectives, yes you can get onto the pharmacy and complete the mission.

    Sounds to me that you have still a lot of searching to do.

    To enter the bank go for a swim.

    You can only get into one room of the Merry Widow, but if you have managed to get into the pharmacy I assume you found that room.
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    ok just need one more thing getting into nolins room,i read about what you put above,but did not help me figure it out,besides secrets i missed

    also i want to say how different this city feels compared to om version,so amazing thank you so much yandros for bring this amazing piece of work by lady r

    makes me think part 2/3 would have probably used om maps from thief 2 or more of that map in mission 1 as there was a lot of place not used
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    A wonderful christmas present indeed!

    Because the best ones are the ones you didn't expect!

    As for:
    Lady Rowena posted a handful of screenshots from the lost missions on TTLG; we have included those in an Easter egg area. Can you find it?

    I suspect they are in the txt16-directory - dated 12.12.2017...

    Ahhh... OK - found it now in the mission: SE corner of the map, building directly above the "Winding Road" name, bit difficult to rope but manageable...
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    Uploaded to taffers, prob the best xmas prez i got this year was this

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    Location: Switzerland

    what a nice Christmas present, thank you so much for releasing it

    merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you,

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    Three questions:

    how do i get to the Nolan room in merry widow inn?
    How do i get to the baker home for deposit key 7?
    where is deposit key 20?

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    Thanks Russ for posting this, I never knew we'd have one last ace gift from Lady Rowena. How we miss her so, but keeps on giving.
    I guarantee this will be awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaratul View Post
    Three questions:

    how do i get to the Nolan room in merry widow inn?
    From the building to the west, hidden passage...

    How do i get to the baker home for deposit key 7?
    Sorry - already forgot...

    where is deposit key 20?
    In the bank, very close to the vault.

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    Very good mission. It was tense and has interesting story. It's a pity that it is unfinished.

    1. Tavern - hint 1: search in the houses near the tavern

    hint 2: search in Roland's house near the tavern.

    2. Baker - check in the police station

    3. Deposit key 20 - hint 1: check in the bank

    Hint 2: It is somewhere near the vault entrance

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    Finished this x-mas treat.

    Time needed: Just under three hours (+ about half an hour for trial & error) on expert.
    Loot: 10,366 out of 10,426
    Secrets: 8 out of 8
    Hints: none
    This means: Low to medium difficulty (IMHO as I usually never get this much on a first playthrough)
    -> A good mission for starters (many dark spots to hide, enemies easy to knock out)

    Attractive and varied, but still believable construction, with many buildings that can be entered.
    Atmospheric readables that construct a vivid world.
    As far as city mission go this is easily in my all-time top ten. Very beautiful, classy and polished.
    I didn't expect anything else from this master builder ("builderess?"), though.

    It's very sad that we won't follow this story further...

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    Many thanks to Yandros and everyone else who had a hand in bringing this to the community. It's very much appreciated. Merry Christmas to all.

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    Thank you, Yandros...I appreciate you doing this.

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    Thank you! Best present ever.
    I did a bit of hopping around and the mission looks amazing. I feel the loss again.

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    thank you to those who made this release possible! it was a great way to spend a couple free hours on a snowy day at home
    I got all but a few secrets, but if someone posts a hint list I wouldn't mind going back in for the rest

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    well i will ask again where is this hidden passage to nolan room?

    please just straight out tell me

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    downwinder: In the bedroom you get to by picking a lock on a vent grate (up on a walkway just west of the Inn), look for a switch on the left side of the doorframe.

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    Location: Southern,California
    i just found it,i feel so dumb,once i was outside it hit me :P,but thank you anyway

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    Location: The Netherlands
    Thank you Yandros for this special Christmas gift. Adriana and I had some comfort talk through PM's during her husband's illness and I'm really proud to start playing her last input into this FM forum. She did it all for us Taffers

    I will always replay her FM's in her honor! Respect for you Adriana! You were one of the best FM makers!

    I will always connect to your soul

    Thank you
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    ok after 2 hours and 43 min 10141/10426,,,,,,6/8 secrets wow i am impressed

    if anyone has a secret list i am curious what ones i missed

    also gloria there is something in mission for you,along with 3-4 letters just for you

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    These are great news, i will play this mission tonight

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    Wonderful mission, invites me to simply stroll around and wonder at the city.
    Thanks for making this possible, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    As for the snow on the forum board, guess one of the mods is having a bit of a Christmas giggle.
    Nope, that's an Admin-only ability. We have Al_B to thank for it.

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    Wow, what a tribute to a great friend!! Thank you very much!!!

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