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Thread: Shivering isles

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    Shivering isles

    Guys im looking for shivering isles for oblivion. Ive scoured the web but the torrents i find are mostly scams password protected and so forth, finding oblivion was so easy i can believe its so hard to get that old expansion.

    If anybody knows of a site with some solid safe torrents ( i know the words dont go together ) but let me know please.


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    Just a tip, mate: if you think you have to pirate something, don't go publicly asking people for help on legitimate forums. I'm pretty sure it's actually aginst forum rules around here. Go buy it on Steam (GOG, possibly as well- can't remember if they have it yet or not) or even order a physical copy, that's all I have to say.

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    Indeed - requesting pirated software is against the forum rules. The game and expansion are available from muliple legitimate sources (e.g. gog or steam) so please get it from a genuine retailer instead.

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