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Thread: Looking for FM

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    Looking for FM

    I'm looking for a small night city mission for T2 with a video briefing. Simple storyline and gameplay, but high-quality design. Neat, elegant and detailed. Not many such missions, so as not to notice these moments.
    OM textures. Low houses, narrow lanes and cops (not guards). It seems to me that it is relatively fresh (perhaps 2-3 years ago). Briefing in classical style: black-and-white screenshots from this map and Garrett's voice (in English).
    The key things are the city and the briefing.

    There is a tiny chance that this is T1, but I have associations with cops, T2 textures and colored light.

    Any help is welcome!

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    Could it be Of Thieves and Rubies?

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    This is it! Thank you!

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