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Thread: Ghost mode in Thief 1 & 2?

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    Ghost mode in Thief 1 & 2?

    Does anyone know a cheat code / crack / something to play Thief 1 and 2 in ghost mode?
    I mean flying through walls, sometimes it is also called noclip mode.

    I need this because I am studying Thief 1 & 2 level design, and even if I replayed to both of them last year, I would like to fly in the levels to get better views and to better understand how they were designed.
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    Yes, it's called DromEd - Thief's level editor.

    There's no better way to study Thief's level design then to open its mission in the editor.

    Also, in DromEd game mode, you can toggle flying and going through walls IIRC.
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    Thanks a lot
    It looks like there is a lot of resources here about DromEd, I will try that.

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    A good tool if you're looking for specific object (Key, Flare, Potions, ...) is to use "highlight by archeotype" option to get it marked in blue.
    Some missions are big and this is still hard to find, then you follow it up by:

    "group highlighted" and then "select group" and then click on top view, then hold shift and then move around. That's the dumb way I find elevatoring gear

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