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Thread: Confess! Games you play on easy.

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    Confess! Games you play on easy.

    Time to fess up, taffers. What games or genres do you typically play on easy?

    I am currently playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 on Explorer mode, because I'm in it more for the role playing than brutal combat. I also tend to play real time strategy games on easy because while I like RTS games, I tend to suck at them. I'm also playing Bayonetta on easy because I find I'm just not very good at spectacle fighters =x

    And then there is many 16 bit platformers. I suck at 2D platformers,and when the option is presented, I almost always play it on easy. I know, shameful!

    I also set System Shock 1's combat difficulty to one >.>

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    It depends on my mood and expectations of the game, but I have no issues playing on Easy if I just want to experience the story or just want to get a taste of the game as a whole. If I just want to sit down an destress, playing a turn based or slow paced real time strategy game on the easier difficulty levels tends to be a good option for me.

    If a game is worth playing, it's worth playing on any difficulty setting.

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    All the Silent Hill games I've played (2 - 4). I really don't care for the combat in them, and 3's literary puzzles on puzzle difficulty > easy can fuck right off, as can the invincible ghosts from 4.

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    Not always. I hate games, specifically FPSes and RPGs, who just make enemies damage sponges on higher difficulty. I prefer the Doom approach, where higher difficult means a greater amount of faster enemies to face off against.

    And yeah, I played Divinity OS 2 on Explorer Mode. Though most games I play on normal or hard, depending.

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    I play most games on "normal" (or with rules-heavy RPG's, whatever is considered balanced) but immersive sims get cranked to 11 because they're so much better that way.

    In the 90's, when I was way more interested in girls than games, I played a lot of classics like Quake or whatever on "easy" just to get through them quickly.

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    Some turn-based strategy games or simulation games I've played on easy. Jagged Alliance 2 is hard enough even on the basic difficulty. I'm also playing some of Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon right now, but since I'm new to it, I don't really want to get into the competition shenanigans and just want to build my railway

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    Let's see. My first game of Invisible Inc was on Easy, but that was too easy. I started FTL on easy, as everybody should, and there are some ships I still find are only fun on Easy.

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    I really need to go back and play the more recent Civ and XCOM games on easy like you're supposed to when you start out. I think immediately jumping to the most balanced difficulty is part of the reason I kinda bounced off them.

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    Far Cry 1. Easy difficulty is the only way I've been able to get through it, because if you alert one person, you alert them all. People shooting you through walls (without any line of sight, I might add) is cheap no matter what, but it's a little more bearable when you don't constantly get instakilled for daring to walk by a tent full of dudes with x-ray vision that immediately open fire without even seeing you.

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    I play every game on Easy unless it's a stealth game, or has stealth as a viable option (like Deus Ex or even Crysis) in which case I usually pump it up to max. Otherwise I'm not interested in difficult combat, but if I happen to like it that much then I switch to higher difficulties for the second playthrough and so. That's how I ended up finishing, for example, Metal Gear Rising on the hardest difficulty.

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    I'm incredibly stubborn and play almost everything on the hardest difficulty.
    Yes, Far Cry 1. I remember that being especially hard. I beat it on the hardest difficulty. The Witcher 2, yes, I completed that on Dark difficulty.
    Sometime I regret not being able to play things on lower difficulties even if they might actually be more fun.

    The only thing I can remember playing on easy was Anachronox, because everyone told me to and seriously that combat was bad enough as it was.

    For me, it's probably "confess to games that I played on Normal".
    That list usually includes things where difficulty just makes bullet-sponges - I wouldn't play later Elder Scrolls games on anything but the default difficulty.
    I also went for Normal in Divinity: Original Sin, since Tactician just made the already-poor combat system extremely unfair rather than tactical.

    Maybe a case could be made for Civ4, which I always tried to play on Noble, and could never actually win once even though Noble is a fairly-low difficulty listed as what you should play at if you've played a Civ game before.

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    FTL since I'm more interested than making deep progress than being challenged, at least until I get the other ships back (I'm on a new computer now than I originally played it) to make normal difficulty interesting.

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    Ghouls 'n Ghosts (or Ghosts 'n Goblins for the arcadey folks), For a game that once you beat it tells you to replay the whole thing to get one more item for the end boss at the next difficulty up.. yeah I started on Easy.

    Some games you couldn't even play on easy. Castle of Illusion for instance, where the easy mode was called "practice" and only let you play 3 stages. Or Golden Axe for doing the same thing.

    More modern: I've already played through them, and a friend of mine hasn't. So we're playing the whole Metal Gear Solid series together. On Easy... because fuck having to not die during Ocelots torture 6 times instead of 2 or 3.

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    If they put an easy mode into Dead Cells, I'd do that just to see what ACTUALLY happens when you beat the "final" boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    Let's see. My first game of Invisible Inc was on Easy, but that was too easy. I started FTL on easy, as everybody should, and there are some ships I still find are only fun on Easy.

    If I'm replaying a game I've already mastered I might also turn down the difficulty. Starting my 3rd playthrough of The Last Of Us I turned it down to Normal or Easy. I already beat the game on the hardest difficulty so I don't have anything to prove, just wanna enjoy the trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    If they put an easy mode into Dead Cells, I'd do that just to see what ACTUALLY happens when you beat the "final" boss.
    They've put 3 levels of "even harder" into the game, so I guess they consider the current default to be easy mode...

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    Most of the time, I play games on the hardest difficulty available, or one below (occasionally).

    The best games that allow you to choose play completely differently at harder difficulties, and some even lock content behind playing on hard (a practise I'm less enamoured with).

    Civ and other strategy games though? Yeah, they usually get played on normal and occasionally Easy.

    But I have another dirty secret.

    I have a Cheat Engine problem that affects my gaming in cycles. Like in a lot of RPGs, the economies and weight management systems are usually utter bullshit, so I end up using Cheat Engine to give me effectively infinite cash. Or improve stats in a game that dishes them out too slowly, or that locks conversation options behind stat scores.
    I don't do this all the time, but I'll happily use it to bypass what I perceive as being a bullshit design decision on behalf of the developer.

    Along similar lines, I don't think I've ever played an un-modded game of XCOM 2. While I love the mission phases, I find the Geoscape phase to be frustrating and overly punishing. So I use mods to give me extra engineers and scientists, or extra resources, or extra weapons, etcetera, etcetera.

    The thing is?
    In very few cases has this diminished my enjoyment of the games I've used cheat mods or Cheat Engine in. And the times it has (like where I completely broke all sense of progression in Rogue Legacy), it's taught me valuable lessons on how developers balance their games, and how they could better do so. And also, when not to cheat.

    I never cheat in a multiplayer game mind you. But that's less an issue these days when I'm mostly looking for cooperative multiplayer experiences rather than competitive ones.

    Oh, and I always, always exploit the first caravan in a Dwarf Fortress game by waiting for them to unpack all their shit then deconstructing the depot. But fuck it, that's DF, and that's hard enough as it is

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    Dark Souls.

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    Most of the time I spend gaming now is with a podcast/talk on and the game's master volume down to around 5%, music off, subtitles on. If it's an action game, then difficulty is set to easy.

    I can't seem to focus entirely on either a podcast or a game in isolation, so both together is how I roll now. It's bliss.

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    The one game I purposefully stuck on easy was Dragon Age Origins cause I wanted to avoid the game's flash mobs and focus on the story. I feel that was the right approach.

    Other than that, I only ever play games on easy second or third time through - first run is always normal or hard, game depending.

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    I never play easy, always medium. It feels like cheating and like I'm tarnishing my gamer's pride badge even further.

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    ...and it's already on a f- minus rating.

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    I'm sometimes willing to play Civ V up to the difficulty where neither player nor AI get handicaps or bonuses. Beyond that and it feels like every other civ is a "runaway civ," or I'm just the "backaway civ".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeshibu View Post
    All the Silent Hill games I've played (2 - 4). I really don't care for the combat in them, and 3's literary puzzles on puzzle difficulty > easy can fuck right off, as can the invincible ghosts from 4.
    Silent hill on easy? You're a monster. I bet you're the type that would play Soma on 'no enemies' mode.

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    Please, as if the Silent Hill games actually have any gameplay.

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