Hi guys,

It's been quite a while. In 1999, I played a demo of Thief: The Dark Project that came with an issue of PC Gamer magazine.

Struggles against DromEd, a membership with Larcenio Haul, painstakingly downloading Fan Missions and Thievery followed since. Almost two decades after playing the training area and Bafford's Manor to death, Australia finally has decent Internet and I'm able to stream games!

If you fancy reliving some of the Thief glory days with yours truly, feel free to pop in.
I'll kick the first stream off at 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday 17th Jan.
For most of these forums, that'll be:
7pm EST Tuesday 16th (North America)
midnight GMT, Wednesday 17th (as in the beginning of Wednesday, Europe)

You can find me at https://www.twitch.tv/redbeardtv/

If you have a Twitch account, you can click "Follow" up the top and receive an email when I go live.

Looking forward to it!