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Thread: Better footstep sounds?

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    Better footstep sounds?

    Hello folks,

    I don't know if you feel the same, but the only thing that has always bothered me about the Thief series is the footstep sounds that Looking Glass Studios used. Are there any mods that replace them with better, more realistic ones? The sound Garrett produces while walking on stone and/or marble is grating on the ear.

    I don't even want to talk about the NPCs' footstep sounds.

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    yes i know of at least 3 missions that use this louder foot sounds,always sounds like someone else is walking close by,trying to think of the name of one of them,let me go check some missions to find one

    found one of them on first try ashen age part 1 ,just play that and as soon as mission start listen to sound of footsteps

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    I made a new set for a new character that hasn't been released yet but fear not. It's not difficult to plug your own new sounds into the game. So just get busy making new sounds...about 5-6 per surface. The trouble is what you think will work rarely does. It just takes a lot of trial and error.

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