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Thread: Thief: Deadly Shadows T3ed level editor question

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    Thief: Deadly Shadows T3ed level editor question

    I want to play and create fan missions for Thief: Deadly Shadows using the T3ed level editor, but I don't know too much about that program and how it differs from Dromed. I'm playing the game through Steam. What's the best site to go to get T3ed and do I need to patch up my game first? Like for example, Tafferpatcher or TFix but a Thief Deadly Shadows version of that. I haven't done anything yet because I'm not sure where to go.

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    You might want to check out 'Sneaky Upgrade - Editor Edition'.
    It's basicly TafferPatcher for TDS and includes the T3ed level editor. And includes a nice mission loader just like FMSel.
    Actually that thread is found in this very forum - but isn't showing up as there was no news for 1 year.

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    Thanks, I'll read the instructions carefully, If I experience any problems or lag while running T3ed after installing Sneaky Upgrade, I'll let you know.

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    I've added some basic instructions on setting up the editor to the first post of that editor patch thread, but might as well repeat them here:

    Make a full copy of your game in a neutral location, like C:\Games\Thief3Ed. Then extract the editor pack into that folder. Click Yes when asked to merge or overwrite. Then install the Sneaky Upgrade editor patch, make sure to browse to the folder above for installation, because the installer will normally suggest your game installation, which should not be used.

    Edit: There's now a video, showing how to set things up. It really is very easy...

    I'd also recommend this tutorial, although skip to section II and note that the Thief 3 Launcher utility is not needed when the SU patch is installed - you can start the editor using the blue desktop icon.

    Note that the Sneaky Upgrade for the game is different from the edition for the editor, which should be used here.

    Since there's not much activity in this forum anymore you're probably better off asking questions in one of the stickied threads (newbie questions or community WIP). There are still some active mappers, and they might get email notification if you post there. You can also try posting in the Dark Mod off-topic forum, because at least a couple of former T3 mappers hang out over there...
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    Thank you, this info you sent me could be very helpful. I have my Thief: Deadly Shadows game installed in (D\Games\Thief Deadly Shadows since my (C drive is nearly full. I just have another drive to put the game in. It shouldn't matter if the game is installed on a different hard drive than the one is suppose to be used to install the game in.

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