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Thread: Font size increase on loot messages?

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    Font size increase on loot messages?

    I play Thief 1 & 2 with all the latest patches at 1920 X 1080 and all the fonts are fine except for the loot message on the lower right of the screen. It's way too small to read comfortably in 1920 X 1080. Is there a way to increase the font size here without having to lower screen resolution?

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    Open cam_ext.cfg in your install directory and look for this line:

    ;d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 64

    Removing the semicolon on should make all overlay text larger while keeping it sharp, so you should be able to read it much more comfortably.

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    Open up your cam_ext.cfg file in a text editor and look for the lines below:
    ; enable scaling of in-game 2D overlay (HUD), makes the things like current item/weapon text, or SS2
    ; HUD/panels, larger at resolutions of 1280x960 or higher with pixel perfect scaling (requires "use_d3d_display")
    ; NOTE: Enabling scaling may actually improve performance, especially at high resolutions.
    ;d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 4
    Remove the semicolon from in front of last line to enable scaling of the 2d overlay, and set the value to 2 or 4 depending on your preference (2x or 4x normal size for the HUD).

    Edit: Jax64 beat me to it, but he didn't mention the number which is important.

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    It worked. Thanks, guys.

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