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Thread: Steam Sale Megathread For Megadiscounts

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    Steam Sale Megathread For Megadiscounts

    We're probably past the point of individual threads for each major Steam sale now, right?


    Steam frontpage

    Here's a nifty site for customized Steam Sale Searches.
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    So, the Lunar New Year sale is happening right now, until Feb. 19th.

    Styx 2 is -60%, maybe now is the time I finally pick that one up. Ruiner and The Signal from Tölva at -50% are a bit tempting too. And the Battlezone VR game is -66%! Hmm!

    They've also redesigned the Steam wishlists, a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    They've also redesigned the Steam wishlists, a bit.
    It's complete broken Enhanced Steam's wishlist functionality. I'm not happy about that.

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    Thanks for the heads up on Styx. It looks more enticing than the first game, and the price seems right.

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    The new wishlist looks uglier, but, more annoyingly, randomly re-arranged a lot of my wishlist when it came in.

    I tend to use my wishlist as a place to keep games that are vaguely interesting and which I might look at again later, and I put all of those at the bottom of my wishlist, with the top being dedicated to things I actually plan to buy, so it all getting shuffled on me wasn't nice.
    I also noted that additions now go on the top instead of the bottom, so you have to move them all the way down after adding, which is rather annoying.

    As for the sale itself, I noticed recently that I seem to be a bit short on first-person adventure games, so I might pick up some games like Kona, Firewatch or Infra.

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    I haven't played the other two, but Firewatch is definitely worth it IMO.

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