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Thread: Happy Birthday, SlyFoxx!

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    Happy Birthday, SlyFoxx!

    Happy Birthday, Slyfoxx!

    And lay off the Burrick's Breath Ale

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    sly waves.......Thank you, thank you. Reports of my arrest by The City Watch have been greatly exaggerated. As for the BB ale...gave that up years ago. I'll be working the business end of these later...

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Nice assortment. Enjoy them and have a great birthday, old feller!

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    Happy birthday Garrett. I know from one of my missions you are Garrett.


    Ps: heard you are a musician and more importantly a singer (always hard to find). I am starting to do some home recording. We should commiserate at some point. I am a fair guitar player who never lets lack of talent get in his way.

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    Happy Birthday, SlyFoxx!

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    Happy birthday to you!

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    Happy Birthday, Sly! Have a wonderful day.

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    WOW. Such nice pics

    Happy Birthday Slyfoxx!

    BTW. My 2 year old grandson just loves all foxes, as in toys, books a.s.o.

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    Dare to join .............

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    Thanks taffers...was a good day.

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    happy b-day skyfoxx

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    Happy birthday Slyfoxx! Hope you had a great day and had a pint or two

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    Happy birthday to the "original"!!!
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    Late, but happy b-day, Mr. Fox!

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    Happy belated birthday, Sly!

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