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Thread: Brushes and grid don't line up in 2d views

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    Brushes and grid don't line up in 2d views

    Welp, I have another problem with DromEd. I've searched the forums and the wider internet and not been able to find anything about it, so please indulge me as I ask for help here again. (I'm using Thief Gold: GOG release, NewDark 1.25, with Dromed Basic 1.14). My problem is:

    My brushes were created with the grid on, and according to the XYZ/DWH are aligned to the grid. And "gridsnap all" doesn't change them, so I'm sure they're actually aligned. But in the 2D views, the centres and edges of the brushes don't appear line up with displayed grid properly. (Click through to see the full size image)

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Missing gridsnap.cmd? Install DromEd toolkit. Also use a smaller grid, 12 or 13. 15 is very big.

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    No, I have DromEd Toolkit installed, and the grid snap command is there and it works just fine. That's not the problem.

    The problem is the grid is being drawn wrong in the 2D views.

    Maybe this picture is clearer. I've just upped the grid to 16 and snapped all the brushes, and solo'd the top view so that the problem is more visible. Here the selected brush is the default 16'x16'x16' brush centred at 0,0,0. It ought to cover exactly 4 grid squares in each direction. But the grid squares seem to be drawn too tall, so the brush looks like it's off-grid, even though it's not.

    The same is happening in the other 2D views: the grid seems to be drawn taller than it should be. I can hide the grid so it doesn't confuse me, but I'd rather keep it visible obviously.

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    It's probably an artifact of your screen resolution. Try changing that and see what it shows.
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    Aha! Thanks LarryG, that put me on the right track. Turns out the problem is caused by edit_screen_size 1280,1024. Which I picked as it seemed the largest size that DromEd would launch at that would fit on my 1920x1080 monitor. When I change it to 1280,960 then the grid is drawn correctly and everything's lining up in the 2D views correctly.

    Thanks again.

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