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Thread: No output from cutout.exe

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    No output from cutout.exe


    I want to add an automap and so I do some testing. I created an pcx-File with an 256-indexed palette. And then
    I drawed some rectangles in colour-254. The dimensions are: 530*300.

    Then I saved this file into the directory where cutout.exe exists.


    cutout.exe pic.pcx

    does not work. There is no output created by this tool.

    (I also tried the name "P001ra.pcx" for the picturefile)

    What problem could it be ?

    Do I need this tools coutout.exe and makerect.exe ? Or how can I create the needed files by myself ?

    STOP !

    I did something wrong. Now it works. Sometimes it helps to ask and then immediately you have the right idea by yourself. Strange ;-)

    The rectangle-colour was not idx-254.
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    Why don't use the new programm included with new new dark engine ? It's more easy to use ans you Can use .png format less the 256 color palette

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    Yes, now I use ThiefMapper. This works fine. First I thought, cutout is necessary to prepare needed data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le MAlin 76 View Post
    Why don't use the new programm included with the new dark engine ?
    What program is that?

    Edit: I did a bit of digging and found it. It's in the main NewDark download file (e.g. T2\\DarkMapGen). It looks powerful, but I don't have the motivation to look at it in detail.

    It looks like it was made around the same time I made my own program, AutomapPNG, which like the original tools, requires rectangles to define locations, with something to mask the highlighting.

    It's turns out I already knew about DarkMapGen:
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    Getting old sucks doesn't it?

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