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Thread: Nightdive Studios resurfaces!

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    Interesting, seems like a step in right direction.

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    Yes. Looks exactly what we payed for. A remake/revamp, not a new game 'inspired' by System Shock.

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    It actually does look pretty neat. Nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by D'Arcy View Post
    Yes. Looks exactly what we payed for. A remake/revamp, not a new game 'inspired' by System Shock.
    Those are the original textures and level geometry. The final game will be different, more like the vertical slice from the Kickstarter.
    I think I would be happier if they just stuck with this.

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    I liked the horror moodiness of the vertical slice, personally. I don't think the original level geometry can translate to modern graphics.

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    Don't see any reason why they couldn't make the game available with original textures also. They own all that stuff anyway.

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    It's not quite that easy, though; they're not just changing the textures but also the geometry, and you can't just stick textures designed for big, flat, few polygons onto more detailed objects and level geometry.

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    They've stated that they'll try to include a retro version with the original textures (with the new lighting effects you see in the video) and geometry that's pretty close to the original. They may include it as an unlock for beating the game or something similar.

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