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Thread: The third generation playing Thief

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    The third generation playing Thief

    I'm so proud to say that my six year old grandson took over, me playing a fan mission and he GOT IT! His sister which is ten years old took over and she GETS IT! Better said: She's fabulous in getting around without me helping her. Well, just a tiny clue here and there ...
    My children weren't interested, but I'm glad my grandchildren are. Especially now, because there are more advanced games to play right now. I guess they have the same feeling as I about the Thief Project, starting at 1998 ..... I am so glad to say

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Huzzah! When I have kids, I really hope they'll be into it---hopefully DromEd-ing too! But time will tell...

    Which fan mission?

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    All three of my kids love Thief!!! Ages 25 to 13, They used to sit and watch me and laugh when I would bonk someone on the head!!! Now they are going the bonking!! I still enjoy this game and community very much.

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    Lol i had my 6 year old daughter play thief for the first time yesterday. I had her run around the ruins of the lost city. The controls were difficult for her but she loved it. I had previously bonked all the burricks. The spiders scared her though.

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    I've passed my love for many things on to my kids, but the older video games I love is not something they've connected with. They'd much rather play the two Dishonored games to get their "stealth" fix.

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    Am I third generation? I'm 16. I grew up with many older games (and music) from my dad. Deus Ex, Halo, Carmageddon TDR 2000, Delta Force, Unreal Tournament '99, Conflict Desert Storm and more, most of those I still play regularly. Not Thief, though. I first went through the series in order in 2015 and it quite frankly blew me away. Now it's my favourite video game series and Thief Gold is my favourite game second to only Deus Ex.

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