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Thread: Is Human Revolution worth playing?

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    Is Human Revolution worth playing?

    So is this game actually trash like Thi4f or a worthy sequel?

    It's hard to find people still talking about this game, but people STILL talk about the original Deus Ex.

    It's on sale now. Get or hard pass?

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    I really liked it, but it is what it is. Are you a purist? There's a lot of switching to 3rd-person view in its stealth and takedown system. Most of the levels are about as linear as, well, a lot of the original Deus Ex levels. The ending level is decidedly anticlimactic. There are boss fights. But... The gameplay and most of the levels are basically quite good, as is most of the writing. The persuasion system is so novel it's almost worth experiencing in itself (I wouldn't go so far as to say it's good, lol). The hacking minigame is IMO the best hacking minigame ever, which is damning with faint praise but still.

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    Well, yes? We don't talk about it now, but I'm sure many of our past posts noted that it was a good attempt at a sequel. It's a good game; don't go in expecting a Spector-style immersive sim, and chances are you'll like it.

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    It's a technically competent proper sequel to Deus Ex in most of the ways that Invisible War wasn't, but the plot and characters are all pretty forgettable.

    And it's so. fucking. yellow.

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    DC version got the yellow removed.
    Well, postprocessing option doesn't even work in DC, so no more yellow

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    Haha, you had to go and mention the yellow! Now it's like I'm traumatized all over again!

    I'm probably one of the few that liked the 'attempt' to infuse True Democracy (ancient Greece, iirc) into a storyline/conversation, in Invisible War. Human revolution, I've still got bad feelings about the original boss fights and how eidos tried to blame them on an outside contractor (bullshit lie). Not to mention the giant gaping hole mid story, which they tried to cover up with dlc, failing imo.

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    I'm in those few ones too!

    There's no plot hole in HR, the DLC is really the original story cut&removed for $$$-$ake.

    MD is a giant "plot hole" actually (MD is like an intro story to something other.....kind of "Jensen on tuesday" as they say ).

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