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Thread: Your Greatest Victory

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    Your Greatest Victory

    What was your greatest victory in Thief? I am talking about battles with a lot of strong opponents when you have very little equipment and yet you manage to vanquish them all. For me, it was a fight with three haunts chasing me in Lady Rowena's "The Seven Sisters" FM. Did you guys know how I killed them? I blackjacked them. Yes, I blackjacked to death three haunts running after me. I didn't have any water arrows left and there was no sword in the mission, so I was forced to choose the most challenging way to slay them.

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    Running all the way through Soulforge to the exit while being chased by mechanists and bots... with 2 HP left.

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    beating all of dront and gorts fan missions

    and jis missions
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    making downwinder stop using darkloader by presenting sound arguments and explanations. oh, wait, no, that actually didn't happen.

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    This was in an FM whose name escapes me. There's a booby trapped /mined area in a forest where you can step, but once you do, if you move everything explodes. I made the genius mistake of quicksaving after stepping on it, and of course, every time I tried to jump off, I got blown up. I thought I was screwed and had to restart the game, but after about 20 tries, I found a very particular direction where I could jump to, and the explosion wouldn't kill me. I was pretty proud of that

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    making downwinder stop using darkloader by presenting sound arguments and explanations. oh, wait, no, that actually didn't happen.
    Hey, I prefer Darkloader too you taffer

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    i use new dark for t2 missons

    and fmsel for thief 1/gold as some files i guess dont work on newdark with those missions on my newdark

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    I assume you mean you use Darkloader for T2 missions and FMSel for T1G missions. FMSel is included with NewDark, so saying you use FMSel instead of NewDark for T1G missions makes no sense.

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    The common hostility on this forum is hilarious

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    my fmsel is a differnt program then new darkloader

    its the one looking glass added to game,for some reason it is able to run thief gold fm perfect,but for some reason new darkloader cant i get messed up black texture/etc ,but thief 2 work on there perfect, i got no idea why ,as long as the missions play fine it dont bother me,having 2 differnt ways to play fan missions

    also ussaly thief 1 fan mission work fine on both newdarkloader and fmsel,only have to use fmsel for thief gold fm's

    and i always use new darkloader for thief 2 due to the amazing mantle on there

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    ironmaning through the Thieves Guild RTTHC.

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    Quick remember for those who are lost in their mind with all the new features :

    -FMsel = FMs launcher made by NewDark Team.
    -New Darkloader = FMs launcher made by R Soul
    -New mantle = an option implemented by NewDark which can be enabled by removing a semi-column in cam_ext.cfg

    And for those who never remember what is told to them about trouble with black textures in Fms : this is what happens when you try to launch them as the wrong game because T2 and TG don't share the same RES folder.
    T2 FMs should be launched as T2 missions and TG FMs as TG missions.

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    First time I played TG's Escape! I had just a few of everything, which is very little if we consider the number of foes in that mission in Expert. I managed to pass through the whole Constantine's basement unharmed, using a different strategy in each chamber to get rid of the enemies, but the best part arrived when I got to the first floor. I put some mines here and there, and kept moving between two doorways, making every living thing to show up in the hall. I was just improvising, trying desperately to survive, and suddenly every creature started to drop dead before my eyes -some of them because of the betray of their allies, some because of my own weapons. It was such an unexpected mayhem and everything went so well!

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