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Thread: Blue Key Restoration

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    Registered: Oct 2013

    Blue Key Restoration

    Here are replacement graphics to restore the old "blue" key.
    It can help with visibility in missions that assumed the key was blue. Also, nostalgia.

    You can place the extracted files in your uber_mod_path in cam_mod.ini to globally override. Works with TDP/TG/T2.

    Don't break your tfix/tafferpatcher installations and bother voodoo please.

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    Thanks! The blue key looks way better than that muddy grey thing that we have now

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    Location: Southern,California
    can you please show a pic of what the update looks like on this post,or expect people to be like ohh a new member let me download this and take a risk of ruining my comp

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    Registered: Oct 2013
    Its a zip file with 2 gifs in it...
    It makes the rusty key look like the old buggy 16 bit version.
    Here is a wiki link to show what it used to look like.

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    ty looks ok,but isent there already a pure blue one?

    ofcourse i cant remember the fan mission i was in but it had a ton of keys

    and blue,orange,red/etc was in there

    but i like that key you added as its different

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    matter a fact you have a great idea,but there should be a revamp of all keys to make these colours red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet,black/white/silver/brass/gold=12 key types

    i think that would pretty much cover it? if i missed anything let me know

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    Registered: Oct 2013
    I didn't create the blue key and it was not my intention to make colored keys.
    The idea was to restore the key back to it's olddark look.
    Newdark renders this key appropriately and it looks like a normal rusty? key. Presumably how it always should have been.
    Olddark renders the key inappropriately and the key has the buggy blue look.
    Old FM authors may have intentionally picked this key for it's blue look that Newdark now shows as a normal key.
    These keys may not as visible as intended with Newdark.
    Old OM/FM walkthroughs sometime mention this blue key as well.

    This is really just for people who want this weird look from the old days back.

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    Thanks, I missed that blue key!

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