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Thread: How to enable Fan missions.

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    How to enable Fan missions.

    I can vaguely remember there being a setting in the New Dark setup or the Thief 2HD mod. Something that would "enable fan missions".

    I ask because I can't seem to get my darkloader 4.3 to work. Now yes I know FMsel works just fine with it but the IU leaves a lot to be desired. Not only that i've been using Darkloader since I started playing FMs over 15 years ago. Wow.

    Anyways the problem I get with darkloader is it keeps loading the original thief 2 mission with "some" elements of the selected fan mission. either way the game will crash upon continuing to the next fan mission (if said FM has multiple missions).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ask me any questions you need.

    Thank you,


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    If you don't like FMSel, use NewDarkloader. But first, clean up of files

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    Don't use Darkloader if at all possible. It's very outdated software and can cause issues.

    Here's my tutorial on FMsel.

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    Yes I do get that a lot that Dark loader is outdated. *sigh* i've just always used it. Some FMs don't always work with it but the thing I hate about FMsel is as I said, the UI just isn't friendly at all. whats with the "skip fm, Play fm, start fm?" Also Darkloader you could read the introduction to help set the mood for the mission.

    FMsel is confusing with the "install and uninstall".

    But i'll look into this New Darkloader

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    Looks like you have to do some files cleanup. I still use Darkloader, and haven't had a single issue

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    how do you suggest I go about cleaning files?

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    Try reinstalling the game from the beginning with Tafferpatcher

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    Unna Oertdottir provided a link in the first reply. In addition, it should be pointed out that with NewDarkLoader (and FMSel) your T1 and T2 FM zip files should be kept in separate folders.

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    Ok that "enable/disable" fanmission setting was with Tfix's newdark graphics tool. My bad.

    Found a more specific pin point to the problem.

    I install Thief 2 - darkloader works fine
    I install Tafferpatch (newdark 1.25) - Darkloader still works fine
    I install Thief 2 HD mod - Now darkloader will only load Running interference no matter what FM I select.

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    Have you tried the suggestions posted above yet?

    1. Clean up the files. Instructions are halfway down the post Una and I have linked. (Click on the blue text to access the link.) That should give DarkLoader a chance, but 2 below is a better course of action.

    2. After cleaning up, try NewDarkloader. See Fan Mission Loaders a short way down the linked post. That should give you a GUI you like and stop your problems recurring. Remember, as R Soul has already explained, your T1 and T2 FM zip files should be kept in separate folders.

    3. Please don't post again until you've tried the above.

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