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Thread: The infamous missing power armor

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    The infamous missing power armor

    We have all heard "take your cores out so it won't get stolen" But I have had scoreless suits stolen. Twice, before my very eyes. The first time was at sanctuary during an attack. I swan Jun Long in my flames T45 and wondered how. One reload later I saw him run to my safe And grab 40 cores and jump in the suit. Another few reloads and I got there first. No good. He wheeled around and jumped in anyway. After the battle I found him in a T45 with a magic core suddenly installed. Odd I thought, Perhaps this is a feature.
    I did not worry much more about this until I arrived one day to find a high rank gunner in my sugar bombs T51. After watching my settlers shoot my baby to pieces I reloaded, several times. Waited an in game month, and finally killed him myself,l. I then had to repair and buy a new frame from Atom Cats.
    The last time BOTH my Vim suits vanished. At the same time! A little console-fu later I located one UNDER the Medtek building. The other under the Genentech building. These suits were both stored in displays in a near inaccessible building 8 floors above Abernathy farm. (Elevator access only) I have heard npcs can spawn anywhere.
    I get the impression that there is some bug (or feature) that simply relocates your armor without reason.
    Any one else see anything like this, And if you have not could you help me generate buzz about this?

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    Are you drunk?

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    Hurt my head to read through that but the impression I'm getting is for some reason your power armor in FO4 keeps getting relocated? If so no I've never had that happen, but to be fair I only ever seriously used power armor with one character.

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    I’m an avid fallout 4 player and have used power armour on many of my characters but this hasn’t happened to me. The closest thing to that would be the time Trashcan Carla took my t-45 armour

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