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Thread: For those who were about 12-15 in 1998

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    For those who were about 12-15 in 1998

    If Thief was a part of your childhood like it was mine, then you had automatically been set up for perpetual disappointment as far as the gaming industry was concerned. I was 13 and I remember being so excited about the future of the gaming industry, thinking it was just the beginning back in 1998. Little did my fresh young mind foresee that the beginning was actually the end. Did anybody else think that way back then? Perhaps my mindset was simply immature and naïve and I didn't see it coming due to the bubble I was in. To this day though, when I think back I specifically remember getting this huge ball of excitement down in my gut when internalizing what I thought the future of the industry would look like and thinking "Wow, what a time to be alive!", but then the gaming industry took a dead end fork in the road around the year 2000 and that was it, IMO.

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    well, hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    I was 15-16 in 1998, but was playing Quake 1, Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3d. I only discovered Thief 5-6 years later.
    I disagree that things went downhill around 2000 for gaming (for music on the other hand, don't get me started...). Sure, there was no repeat of Thief 1 and 2, but look at all the great stuff we got. Doom 3, Oblivion, Skyrim, Dishonoured, Half Life 2, &c, ad infinitum....

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    I was 22. In my case I felt like the games of that period were the culmination of everything that had come before, building up from the late 80s and 90s, especially things like Ultima and other cRPGs, taken into 3D. They fit their time. Games today fit their time too, so it's not surprising that line atrophied. But you still see its legacy in some games (like Dishonored) and in indie titles.

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    Yup, this is exactly right.
    Every game after thief 2 has been a disappointment.
    Dishonored is up there as a spiritual sequel, but it was a hell of a wait for it to appear. I think the astoundingly slow progress of innovation and capitalization of the potential shown by thief has kinda destroyed my imagination about the potential of future games - playing skyrim on the switch just now (never managed to get into it on the PC). Most of the time I still wish I was playing a real thief three. Basically every great game I have played after thief two has left me thinking, this is pretty cool - but it would be better if it was more like thief. '

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven View Post
    Most of the time I still wish I was playing a real thief three. Basically every great game I have played after thief two has left me thinking, this is pretty cool - but it would be better if it was more like thief. '
    Have you tried the Dark Mod?
    Design and gameplay wise, it's what Thief 3 should have been

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    I think what Raven means is that there is acceptance in that no matter what, there exists some form of collateral damage which was imparted by a critical, enigmatic expectation that came after Thief 2. Raven you sound hopeless, just like me!
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    I've been gaming much longer and the way I see it there are cycles of lots of good games made in a short amount of time interspersed with only a few good games being made in a longer period of time. I certainly don't think games hit a dead end around 2000, though. In fact, many of my favourite games have come out since 2000:

    Wizardry 8, Anachronox, Gothic 1-2, Eternal Darkness, Morrowind, Warcraft 3, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, Arx Fatalis, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Silent Hill 2-3, Beyond Good and Evil, Viewtiful Joe, Max Payne 1-2, KotOR 1-2, Half-Life 2, VTMB, Katamari Damacy, Resident Evil 4, Civilization 4, F.E.A.R, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Fallout New Vegas, God Hand, Hitman: Blood Money, Portal, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, The Witcher 1-3, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2, Braid, Dragon Age: Origins, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, The Chronicles of Riddick, Amnesia, Bastion, The Walking Dead, Spec Ops: The Line, Mark of the Ninja, Guacamelee!, The Binding of Isaac, Alien: Isolation, Shovel Knight, Wolfenstein: The New Order, This War of Mine, Undertale, Ori and the Blind Forest, Soma, The Witness, Inside, Darkest Dungeon, Superhot, Resident Evil 7, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Dishonored, Prey, Hollow Knight, Thimbleweed Park, Tyranny.

    And I'm sure I missed a lot of games and other people's favourites, like Persona and Breath of the Wild and whatnot.
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    Plus the golden age of Thief fan missions has been squarely in the post 2000 era, with each passing year bringing ever more impressive and ground breaking (albethey lesser in number) missions.

    So much for the Hopeless Taffers Society

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    It's nostalgia speaking.... There are great games nowadays too. It's a shame, that there was no proper thief sequel, from a major studio, I mean. I bought thief 4,for Xbox one, 2 months ago, and haven't played more than 2/3 hours. It was so sad...

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    That's the Golden Age fallacy again.

    It's true that the general trend of mainstream triple-A gaming hasn't been going in quite the direction we would have hoped back then, but there have still been amazing games coming out every single year since then.

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    Dark Souls absolutely does. As did Morrowind and VTMB and Silent Hill 2. Which games resonate with you is a deeply personal matter and there are many people out there for whom Thief does nothing. And that's fine -- it is a matter of taste, after all.

    Edit: if my post doesn't seem to make sense in context, it's because the person I was replying to deleted their post and the context.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    That's the Golden Age fallacy again.

    It's true that the general trend of mainstream triple-A gaming hasn't been going in quite the direction we would have hoped back then, but there have still been amazing games coming out every single year since then.
    I started reading through the post, and his opinion on the graphics and the impression it gives you, reminded me of the day I played destiny, for the first time. Oh my dear lord... That cosmodrome..... That scenery...

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    I feel as though I'm visiting an aisle within the nostalgia department. Of course it is all very subjective but I just don't see ideal conditions for hatching the kind of visionaries we once had. Back then this game was on the cutting edge of development and there was no clear vision into what the future would hold due to rapidly advancing technology and programming. I think we all know what to expect now because of Moore's law and the overall flat lining of what most games will "look like" for the foreseeable future. See, years ago graphics were more crucial to the overall quality of gameplay one could expect, IMO, since 3D game design was still in its infancy. Today graphics don't concern me at all, as long as the game is at least 3D. I don't want to hear it was always a "niche" either, as the Thief and Tomb Raider demos were pasted onto every Flight Simulator 98 CD and many other mainstream titles of the time. It was a luxury to have a 3D game in the 1990's and well flaunted for a reason. Twenty years later 3D is default and along with VR, the innovation and passion seem lackluster enough to cause an unsettled feeling in the gut. The present day industry seems to me, a forecast for the next generation of button pushers as being quite evident. We are clearly in different times.

    It is possible that I long for a truly dated concept, that I have had a hard time accepting the way it all turned out, etc. I don't know for sure. Here is what I do know; Nothing ever captivated me the same way. It could also be that I'm simply getting older and developing the classic "get off my lawn" old man persona and so my logic compounds, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naked View Post
    I was 13 and I remember being so excited about the future of the gaming industry, thinking it was just the beginning back in 1998. Little did my fresh young mind foresee that the beginning was actually the end.
    Or perhaps you just grew up and your expectations changed? I bet you don't get that excited about Christmas anymore either.

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    Agree with disappointment(and no, IMO itīs not related to age). I barely bought or played newer games from the last years. If so, then mostly indie games - the only good thing of the last years, as there are some games that resemble the classics and arenīt just about graphics. Good thing there are so many older games from the golden era(90ties and first half of 2000s) that I couldnīt afford back these days and are sold now for a tip on Steam.
    OTOH, I donīt expect much from new games anymore. Too much for appeasing casuals. As nice as the Dishonored games(or Styx) are, but I really would like to see a game in this genre that doesnīt include a distance quest marker .

    I also blame computer magazines for going games downhill. They all complaint about the graphics of games like Thief. As if graphics are the only thing that makes a game good.
    Years later they got what they deserved, some magazines went out of business and their pen pushers became unemployed. Serves them right .

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    I should note, there have been some awesome games since thief 2.. But those that live in the legacy of thief (dark messiah, stalker, dishonored, elder scrolls post morrowind) just kinda let us know what we are missing instead of fulfilling the promise of a next gen dark engine. Other games are fun, but lack the depth... And are at their best when following in the footsteps thief, i.e. We have designed a house, now use the game systems to reach your goal (far cry, heck even zelda breath of the wild) Due to development constraints this quickly to often becomes, we have designed a house... so we can show off our mechanic (Deus ex new gen) also we added a secret passage.

    (still to play Styx i'll give it a go again... Was distracted at the time attempting to play the laughable disaster that is nuthief).

    What is pleasing was the rise of define your own objectives like Minecraft and the zombie/survival type games... But where is that type of game that has a strong and developing plot/story?
    (did I miss that, cause that would be pretty awesome, build tree, strong fundamentals including stealth, skill tree/rpg elements, and an actual plot/story line).

    (okay I am rambling again, this is why I tend to lurk and not post)

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    It's okay to ramble man. Feel free. Haha

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    i was 24 years old at that time and been disappointed in gaming since Nintendo 64/PlayStation 1=the controls took a nose dive compared to super nes/sega genesis,yes they had better graphics but what good is that if the game is next to unplayable,and i wont even mentione the bad in game camera's lol=3rd person sucks

    i stick with fan missions now,and flash/html 5 games

    i seen on youtube a lot of the games that came out over the years and i don't feel like i missed out on anything except being disappointment in what the game industry offers people today

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    You obviously haven't played Thief 2014 yet OP, that masterpiece right there will shatter your expectations
    In all seriousness though, if you can't find something to like in the many masterpieces that have been crafted since 2000, well you don't have to. You can just stay in the late 90's like nothing ever changed or evolved, no HD Thief texture packs for you either.

    The only titles I can think of that haven't been done objectively better overall are the Thief games, and yeah that kind of sucks, but Dishonored and Dishonored 2 certainly aren't any less masterful in their own way. Take Deus Ex for example, while perhaps a slightly more open ended than it's modern counterparts, the ai is a steaming pile of crap in comparison to any modern game as well as the old Thief games.
    The Thief series is one of the few games that still holds up today in nearly every imaginable way, even graphically with a few mods, but can you honestly say modern gaming has offered us nothing?

    Remember these:
    Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim
    Fallout 3, NV, 4
    Vampire the Masquerade
    Bioshock 1 & 2
    Batman Arkham Series
    Assassin's Creed Black Flag, & The Ezio Trilogy
    Far Cry 1 & 2
    Crysis & Warhead
    Dishonored 1 & 2
    Deus Ex Human Revolution & Mankind Devided
    Alien Isolation
    Witcher series
    Thief Deadly Shadows (Only with TDS Gold Mod, and even then it's a few point behind Thief 1 and 2, but far from the train wreck of Thief 2014)
    Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor & Shadow of War
    Mirror's Edge
    Mafia 1 & 2
    Styx 1 & 2
    Splinter Cell 1, 2, & 3
    Just Cause 1, 2, & 3
    The Dark Mod
    Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 & 2
    Simpson's Hit & Run
    The Lord of the Rings Return of the King
    Super Smash Bros Melee
    Ratchet & Clank
    Guitar Hero
    Burnout 3
    Gran Turismo
    Grand Theft Auto 3, VC, SA, 5
    ...and so many more

    If you haven't laughed, cried tears of joy, and grinned like the joker himself while plowing through pedestrians in Just Cause/Gta/Mafia, or felt the tension as you snuck up on your enemies in Dishonored, Deus Ex HR, Styx, Splinter Cell, Alien Isolation, or laughed along with friends while playing Smash Bros, Guitar Hero, or Lord of the Rings, then you just haven't live my friend, and it's not too late for you

    I see your point about the lack of a Thief successor Raven, but it's time to stop mourning what can never be, and instead appreciate what we have. We have 4 excellent Thief games, Thief Gold, Thief 2, Thief 2x, and TDM all updated to look graphically impressive, and we have one less excellent but still very enjoyable TDS. We also have 100's if not 1000's of fan missions. If we can sit here and complain about the lack of a good successor, imagine how fans of VTM Bloodlines felt up until Vampyr was recently announced? We've got nothing to complain about.
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    Forgot to mention some upcoming games that are sure to be instant classics, or even revolutionary. My shortlist is Vampyr (clearly has roots in VTMB, though focuses on a specific character), Skywind (sure it won't be Morrowind, but it will be a heck of an experience), and Titanic Honor & Glory (has anything ever been recreated in such stunning detail? I hope the gameplay is as well crafted as the ship itself). It's a good time to be a pc gamer

    The Thief games will always hold a special place in my chest cavity (where most people have a heart), but I've learned that it's far better to enjoy what I have rather than getting caught up in what I don't have. I followed Thief 2014 from 2009 when it was first announced, I was on the eidos forum every day discussing what we as Thief fans would like to see, thinking that we weren't just talking at a brick wall. I learned a valuable lesson that it isn't worth focusing on what could be, unless you want to be incredibly disappointed after 5 long years. Soon after the novelty of Thief 2014 wore off, I went back to playing the original Thief triology, T2X, and Dishonored, and I slowly realized that there really isn't anything missing, the Thief games are still alive and well, sitting peacefully in my collection where they will bring me joy for many decades to come
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikjames View Post
    the Thief games are still alive and well, sitting peacefully in my collection where they will bring me joy for many decades to come
    Prophetic. Seriously, great list of games that should be played -- I am not speaking out against them. Although as fun as GTA V is to express our violent inner criminal, is it really going to bring most of us joy for "many decades to come"? Nah, that's the magic only Thief holds, IMO.

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    At this point, I don't think I will ever get tired of Dark Souls. I really thought that at least after all the clones I'd get sick of it, but no, jumped into the remaster and the magic is still there. And I think it will be for many decades.

    Thief isn't unique in having staying power. I still pick up games like Panzer General all the time. Or the 90s Magic The Gathering game. Or X-COM. And The Binding of Isaac has been a mainstay on my hard drive since it came out.

    And even outside of highly replayable games I can play a well told story like Silent Hill 2 lots of times without getting sick of it. Heck, with that one I still occasionally make new connections or pick up on symbolism I had not thought about before.
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    Remember these:
    Really? If you like all of them, ok, but some of these games are already the stuff that mainly caters the todays casual players. (sometimes itīs surely just a matter of taste)
    Oblivion was too casualised(although it was fun), but Skyrim? I canīt take a game serious where I can become archmage with zero mage stats(and then the other members still treat me like some rookie). In Oblivion I needed at least real stealth stats to solve the quests for Dark Brotherhood and Thieves.

    Also TDS was already a major letdown. Sure, with the reboot around it seems to ok, but it is symptomatical for the demise of classic games. At some point we had too much catering casuals, too much compromises to release games on many platforms, too polished settings.

    In general:

    Itīs an issue that many series suffer, even with the original developers. Diablo III was a joke compared to 1&2. Some series are most likely dead(sometimes with a very unpleasant revival) like Dungeon Keeper, and Iīm pretty sure we will never see any new part of the classic Westwood series(Kyrandia, Lands of Lore).

    What I also dislike that most today games have become too shiny. I miss the grim feeling of games from the first half of the 90ties. Even if there are new games they are often too colourful stuff(Diablo III, again bleh). Also I want a game really to feel like a game, not an interactive movie. Iīm tired of seeing nonsense like lens flare effects or pseudo-realistic moving protagonists. Or overdramatic battle music when a fight is about to start. Or a streamlined story/setting to appease political correctness and SJW.

    Dark Souls might be one expection and one of the most interesting series from the last years. Still, itīs only one gaming series. Would be nice to have more.

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    The STALKER series is pretty amazing and highly replayable, especially with mods. I also imagine I will revisit New Vegas at least as many times as the original games. Right now, though, there are too many amazing new games on my backlog. For example, Frostpunk has just been this black hole where free time gets sucked up with no chance of escape. I have already had to pull two all-nighters because I lost track of time and played until morning. And that's no picnic at my age.

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