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Thread: Bethesda teasing something Fallout related (UPDATE) It's Fallout 76

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    Is it too much to hope that the 76 situation will make people stop banging on about Fallout 4 being the worst thing evar and instead appreciate it as the undeniably flawed but still fantastic game that it is?

    ... ahh who am I kidding it won't.

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    You can't really play the 'quality relative to' game without acknowledging that the entries in the series preceding FO4 were better at various different things, so no, that ain't gonna happen.

    Better to just judge each game on its own pros and cons if that's the kind of perspective you want.

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    "Better to just judge each game on its own pros and cons if that's the kind of perspective you want."
    I strongly agree with this. It's better to do it that way as well.

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    The thing about Fallout/Skyrim games with me, is that I never play them for the story lines.
    I have no idea what any of the sory's where about.
    I just play them to wander around finding things and shooting things...
    Just a fantasy sandbox.

    So on that scale,
    even though I thought FO4 was kind of boring as far as new or interesting content in and of itself,
    its the most STABLE version of the base engine to wander around in a FO world.
    And I can just add all the modded content I want myself.
    Plus with the simcity aspect that makes it into a living self creating world.

    Just for the stability of the engine over NV or 3, 4 is my preferred version of it to wander around in.

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    So far we've had a:
    *Game that's barely functional on launch
    *Also has serious design flaws
    *A nylon bag snafu
    And now to top it off, the attempt to fix it resulting in a bug they revealed user's personal information.

    At this point, more than anything, I pity Bethesda. This was supposed to be their flagpole release this year and it's been nothing but a disaster. They are going to need to pour their entire soul and all their blood, sweat and tears into Starfield to recover. Otherwise, we may not even get Elder Scrolls 6.

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    I don't get why Bethesda always seems to get a pass for launching games that are utterly broken while companies like Arkane and Obsidian get raked over the coals for it.

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    They completely missed the fact that a few companies got much more competent in creating open worlds over last few years, and they cared about upgrading their engines. As much as I start yawning at mere thought of playing any new AssCreed games, I can't deny that Ubisoft is miles ahead in graphics and technical department.

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    They're also better at coherent design than Bethesda seems to be. The Assassin's Creed games are shallow, but the individual parts - especially in their last three games - fit together. Everything I've heard about Fallout 76 suggests that it's a mess in terms of its gameplay, and not an interesting mess at that.

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