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Thread: ok has this been done in a fan mission?

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    ok has this been done in a fan mission?

    i am curious if a path system has ever been used in a fan mission =you start out in one location but you have a choose on how to proceed and say you pick one path to go the other one closes =more game play for more then one run

    kinda like out run driving game map

    some authors kinda use it but usually one path leads to a dead end having to back track to get back to right direction

    would be cool to have a choose your own adventure style to a mission where each path could be a different location,some could even lead to a dead game=you get stuck having to restart

    anything like that?

    here is a simple example=you start out in a small town but you can either go to the cave or the sewer,then repeat but have two options for each path ,multi type ends for some paths,dead ends for others

    on a side note i think thief would make a amazing ccg/tcg game as each faction could have a set of there own faction=citywatch,hammers,keepers,mechs,pagans,undead,mages/etc

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    There are three missions or campaigns I know of which have something along that line.

    First, there is the campaign "Rebellion of the Builder 2". I have not played more than the first two and a half missions, but read that there are two "extra" or bonus missions which can be started by doing something special, like fumbling around at a statue or something like that. More like a sidetrack some players take and others not, and one will continue playing the "regular" missions of the campaign again after these bonus missions.

    Then there ist "Ghost House/Haunted Hospital". At the beginning, you're asked whether you wish to play "Ghost House" or rather "Haunted Hospital". Both use a certain part of a large map together, but also have some areas not present in the other mission. However, this is a "play one mission or another" choice, and since there's no mission after either one of these, you just play one mission and then it's over. (You can play the other mission when you restart "Ghost House/Haunted Hospital", but you can't play both in sequence, like in a campaign.)

    Last one on my list is the "Mirror of Return" campaign. In one of the missions, the player can obtain an object which he can use later on in another mission to get extra objectives. Not really a complete mission, but at least some more to do.

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    yeah i know about those thank you so much

    was the extra object in mirror a letter for a mailbox?

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    I believe A Guard Named Benny had three choices of gameplay at the beginning.

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    CoSaS MissionX uses this... You get a mask with built in voice communication in the beginning of the mission, that lets you talk to other agents who are performing the mission alongside with you (you never actually see the other agents though).
    Right after obtaining the mask, they ask you if you wan't to be in charge of shutting down the hotel elevators, or turn off security cameras... Choose one, and the other one is automatically taken care of by other agents a set time later.

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    yeah i know of those ,so amazing missions,i guess i played them all

    and poor benny,we all know he spilled the mead on the rug,but remember use a water arrow on mead to open a secret on wall where cray beast is

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    Inverted Manse - Depending on which difficulty you choose, you'll get a different starting point, different inventory, different objectives, and only have access to certain areas of the complete level. And the difficulties aren't based on actual difficulty, instead they give you a different character to play (Cut Purse, Rogue, Warrior).

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    was the extra object in mirror a letter for a mailbox?
    I think it was a little bit more complicated, but delivering a letter into a somewhat coffin-shaped mailbox was part of that sidetrack in "The Mirror of Return".

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    Journey into the Underdark isn't exactly like this, but it does offer three different playing modes which are basically archer, warrior and mage. Each style is separate from the others and your skills and equipment are different in each.

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    yes baruchein i did that quest before /guy who randonly appears by cave did that also

    to be honest i think i did them all but thank you for posting so many of them i forgot about

    i just hope we get more info on glass cutter guild/what every there are called,its the first fan mission guild i feel fits into thief universe very well

    also we need more fan missions that take place after thief 3 i think one is coming out soon,but we will need alot more as the story hasent gone anywhere since thief 3 and someone has to be like "this is what happened" so we know

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