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Thread: Thief 2 - Readable text not wrapping/paginating correctly.

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    Thief 2 - Readable text not wrapping/paginating correctly.

    I'm going through Thief 2 again, and I've just hit "Casing The Joint"/"Masks" and since I started these levels I've had problems with the readable text not wrapping or paginating properly. My Google-fu is failing me for a solution, and I can't remember this happening when I last played. I'm running latest version of NewDark - the one released yesterday - though it was doing it with a previous version too.

    I can goto the wiki to check what the text actually says but that's a time consuming annoyance.

    Anybody got any ideas what's causing this, or anything I can do to manually fix it?

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    NewDark itself can't cause this, it is only an engine update. More likely is you have an enhancement pack installed which changes the text area sizes in book mode while updating the book graphics.

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