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Thread: --- The Elder Scrolls VI ---

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    --- The Elder Scrolls VI ---

    Currently in pre-production!...

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    Minus minus minus The Elder Scrolls VI minus minus minus? WTF? What are you, 12?

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    A more appropriate question is what's the point of this when the game is so far away from release we're only going to see it in the next console cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur View Post
    A more appropriate question is what's the point of this when the game is so far away from release we're only going to see it in the next console cycle.
    My guess is it was Todd and Bethesda saying "YES WE ARE GOING TO MAKE TES 6 LEAVE US ALONE SO WE CAN MAKE STARFIELD GOD"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buccura View Post
    My guess is it was Todd and Bethesda saying "YES WE ARE GOING TO MAKE TES 6 LEAVE US ALONE SO WE CAN MAKE STARFIELD GOD"
    Well they said they will make it but are not going to work on it for a long time until they had what they needed to make it so this trailer is saying now we are working on it because before they didn't say anything but we knew they were working on it.

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    TES VI is most likely going to be in Hammerfell...due to the scorched crater, and its relationship to the coast in the teaser.

    The settlement next to the crater is probably Azra's Crossing, which is named after the mage Azra Nightwielder, who created a massive crater in the area when he lost control of his Shadow Magic.

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    I'm no expert on Elder Scrolls geography, but if Azra's Crossing is on the High Rock/Hammerfell border, then wouldn't you see land off to the right (from the view in the trailer)?

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    It looks like the camera is coming down from the mountains that border High Rock and Hammerfell in a southwest trajectory, aimed at the southeastern coast of Iliac Bay.

    Cloud cover obscures the landmass in the distance...However, it can be argued that a faint landmass can be seen through the haze, although it's hard to tell.

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    When I first saw the trailer my first thought was this has got to be Hammerfell,and even more so after seeing a video that show evidence for the case until I saw another that actually pointed it out some inconsistencies namely whether or not that actually is a crater we see or just a cliff overlooking a valley,the other bit is the placement and movement of the shadows which if it was the Hammerfell Angle we are thinking it is would require the Sun to be moving in the wrong direction.So this video suggested that it is instead High Rock we are seeing more specifically the east coast of the northern peninsula leading up to Northpoint,which was also a very convincing argument especially since High Rock is very mountainous,that part of High Rock is more dry and craggy plus there are mountains to the west of Northpoint.Though the thing the both share in common is that it has to be in Western Tamriel due to the shadows and the position of the sun plus the look of the environment alone rules out several places.

    Straight away from the look we can rule out Mainland Morrowind\Vvardenfell,Black Marsh,Valenwood,Cryodiil,Skyrim and Summersett Isle,so that leaves us with Elsweyr\Anequina&Pelletine,Hammerfell and High Rock.As far as Elsweyr is concerned it would have to depicting Northern Elsweyr since the southern has is mostly jungles and moon sugar plantations,where its unlikely Northern Elsweyr because the movement of the sun indicates that it is not Southern Tamriel.That leaves Hammerfell and Highrock,Hammerfell being the obvious choice since the area depicted doesn't match up with most of what High Rock is supposed to look like except for that North Peninsula which is called Rivenspire in ESO.

    The one issue I see against it being High Rock and in favor of Hammerfell is the look of the ruins\or town we see that some says is Azra's Crossing,that building style looks out of place for Greater Bretony,though if they are still canon since they did appear again in ESO, it could be settlement of the Bjoulsae River Horse Tribes which are descended from Yokudan's who left before its destruction and the coming of the Re Gada.Other wise it would fit in a poor or at least devastate by war region of Hammerfell since the building seemed to lack ornamentation and fillagree one would expect from Redguard Architecture,but if this is area that is poor or still recovering from the Great War and later on Redguard-Thlamor War than it make sense that it looks more worse for wear than say you find in and around Sentinel. Though if it is Hammefell I would not be surprised if the game also contained High Rock since those to two are often paired with each and are known for having a close though some times contentious relationship.Plus they could then still have Tower as the center point of the map,not only will they have one but they will have the most important one,the one that is actually keeping Mundus from flushing itself down the metaphorical Reality Toilet.

    As far as we know Hammerfell doesn't have one the Tower with in its borders,plus I wouldn't be surprised if we find out that the Bretons or High Rock in general secretly financed Hammerfell's Guerrilla War against the Thalmor that led to the second Treaty of Stros Mkai.Hence why they also refused Ulfric's Request for help because they either thought his cause was stupid and more likely to hurt them in the long run so it would be a bad investment or they didn't want to openly appear hostile to either the Empire or the Thalmor which fit in quite well with the often sneaky and double dealing GOT-like nature of Breton Politics.Plus if it is Hammerfell I could imagine that Lainlyn would be one of the poorer area of the provinces since why would anyone dock there when you could have stopped at Sentinel before or Wayrest which is just across the Bay from Lainlyn,which we should see since it one of biggest cities in Tamriel.

    Though to be perfectly honest I would be happy with either one and over the moon if it was both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vae View Post
    Cloud cover obscures the landmass in the distance...However, it can be argued that a faint landmass can be seen through the haze, although it's hard to tell.
    I think you're seeing things, there's nothing there. And if use the peninsulas that are in view as a ruler, there would definitely be something visible to the right of the one sticking out the furthest (right between the two ll's in "The Elder Scrolls VI").

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    From the vantage point of the camera view (red lines)...

    The landmass on the northwestern coastline of Iliac Bay is much further away than the peninsula (green dot) you're referring to. So the haze behind the peninsula could easily be hiding it...or it could simply not be rendered, due to the distance.

    In any case, nothing yet has ruled out this likely possibility.

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    I guess I can buy that. One guy on youtube was debating the angle of the sun, basically saying the shadow on the castlelike structure by the crater meant the sunlight was coming from the north, which is of course impossible. One other dude spotted white birds in the trailer, and after looking through a bestiary, found out these birds only exist in Hammerfell.

    I love this kind of stuff, very geeky. You have to assume Bethesda made the trailer with 100% accuracy, knowing fan would be doing this.

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    My only issue is the given the angle of approach and region in question we should see Wayrest to the to the Right especially if the water we see is where the Bjoulsae River spills into the Illiac Bay since Wayrest is built right at the mouth on the High Rock Side so you should at least see the docks since Wayrest is a big and powerful mercantile power with lots of shipping coming and going from its docks both by Sea and the River.So I would count that as a point to the theory that we are look are scene along the eastern coast of the northern Peninsula of High Rock heading towards Northpoint which would fit,since it explains the shadows since the sun would still being going east to west,the lack of visible land off the coast since the the distance between that part and the other side of the bay is greater than if its at the mouth of the Bjoulsae.Plus that area of High Rock is known to have rough craggy terrain

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    I would have preferred to go somewhere a bit more exotic again after Oblivion and Skyrim, which were great, but closer to generic fantasy than Morrowind. Something along the lines of Pyandonea (the home of the so called sea elves) or the Black Marsh (home of the Argonians).

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    I like Camel's speculation about it being set in Hammerfell. It seems the most likely.
    Watching The Elder Scrolls: A Promise Unfulfilled | Complete Elder Scrolls Documentary, History and Analysis from Indigo Gaming gave my fondness for the series a reality check, though. Setting is less of an issue than reestablishing the richness of the games' history. I never played Daggerfall since I was first introduced to the franchise with Morrowind, but that game looks like a more fulfilling adventure than even Morrowind. That coming from someone who still pits it against Skyrim for scope and fun.

    I hope the devs break from their drive to simplify too much and make their next game into a highly engaging world instead. My jaw dropped seing the early design of the third game including the entire province of Morrowind having it be hundreds of square miles instead of the 12 it ended up being. And the artwork... Cool stuff.

    I still like the series, but going forward with leaving much of the past game mechanics out is a bad choice. Morrowind's training and leveling system is far better than those of the follow up games. Seeing that it had streamlined those of Daggerfall shows the pattern of so called dumbing down many people have already said about the games by Bethesda that I never quite grasped until now. I had been content to accept what was presented out of just wanting a new game, I suppose. I intend to be more critical of the games I look forward to and play. Here's hoping the next game will be a worthy inheritor to this series' impact on the gaming world.

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    Maybe they'll do something crazy like setting it in Akavir or Yokuda. Snake people ahoy!

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    The last two have been set in human provinces. Would like to see one set in the homeland of the Argonians, and if not there, then the Khajiit province. But like the thought of a marsh / swamp world best.

    But whatever they do, they must lengthen the quest-chains. Played III, IV & V, and Skyrim was the only one that made me feel as if I had hardly done anything before completing a faction and becoming grandmaster five minutes after joining.

    And more factions please.

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    Just gonna add, Elder Scrolls 6, unless they step wildly away from tradition, must take place or in some way include either High Rock or Valenwood. My guess is that it will have a Daggerfall-style map, including parts of both Hammerfell and High Rock, but I have little evidence for that. But I can say without any doubt that there will be at least a small part of High Rock in the game. Specifically, that is, the part with Ada-Mantia in it. Granted, Ada-Mantia is on an island, so regardless of which province we're in we'll need some kind of fade-out to get there. Anyway, Daggerfall started a yet-unbroken tradition of destroying a Tower in every main Elder Scrolls entry. The only towers yet left standing are Ada-Mantia and Green-Sap (which is in Valenwood). Snow-Throat might still be standing, and if so we can pretty much throw this whole prediction out the window because the tradition will have already been broken by Skyrim.

    Anyway, there's never going to be a game set in Akavir or Yokuda. Akavir is a future that will never happen, because Tamriel is the center of space and time. Yokuda is a past which never did happen, for similar reasons. They're supposed to be mysterious, alien, and far from the player.

    As for Elsweyr and Black Marsh, those are fun provinces and I like them. But Bethesda doesn't have the balls or the work ethic to set a game in Elsweyr anyway. Elder Scrolls Online takes us there, and while I love what they did with it and I think it's pretty great, they didn't go as far as they should have. And Bethesda wouldn't be willing to put in half the effort the ESO team did. There's a reason we only ever see one furstock per game. Because Bethesda can't be bothered actually modeling and animating different subraces. By the time of Skyrim, even the different races of Elves don't look distinct from one another anymore. If they were actually going to set a game in Elsweyr, they'd have to have you interacting with 16 different subraces of Khajiit (17 if you count the possibly-unique Mane), all with wildly different shapes and sizes. Absolutely never going to happen. Not at Bethesda Game Studios. I'd bet anything on that.

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