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Thread: T2 FM: Cracks in the Glass [EN/DE/FR/IT/RU] 16 Jun 2018

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    T2 FM: Cracks in the Glass [EN/DE/FR/IT/RU] 16 Jun 2018

    I am very happy to announce that my first mission is complete!


    - The mission uses about 80% stock textures and 20% custom ones. The latter include low-res Thief 1 textures and some reimported Thief 2 ones. Thus, using any kind of texture pack will likely lead to strange results. Please, play the mission with vanilla looks.
    - NewDark 1.24 or higher is required to run the mission.
    - Make sure that new mantle is enabled. There are no rope arrows, but there is still plenty of climbing in the mission. Remember that you can climb objects and ledges that are pretty high. Without new mantle, the mission is probably unwinnable.
    - The mission uses new footstep sounds for metal pipes to make landing and walking along them unlikely to alert AIs.
    STORY (this mission is part 1 of what will later become a campaign)
    Seems like the business has hit a low point again. I haven’t had many jobs lately, and only a few of them ended up being lucrative. Naturally, I’d take any chance to earn some quick cash these days.
    An old contact of mine, Paolo, has offered me a job. Paolo owns an inn in Wayside, which he uses as a front for some shady business. He didn’t give me any details, just told me to meet him at the usual place: the inn’s cellar.
    I arrived during normal hours, but none of the visitors seemed to mind me. The first thing that was different from all my previous meetings with Paolo was that the cellar door was locked, with a note hanging nearby, “No entry. Not even for the bar staff.” It seemed like he really didn’t want any disturbance. Picking the lock was easy enough, but after I went down the stairs, Paolo wasn’t there. Moreover, there was something strange about the cellar. Through the thick darkness, it seemed that the walls were almost moving. A note was lying in a spotlight, “Meeting is off.”
    An uneasy feeling came over me. I felt as if I was being set up. With my sword ready, I slowly went back up the staircase, which also seemed to have transformed somehow. However, the bar looked unchanged.
    Might be just my mind playing tricks on me, but I don’t like this situation one bit. I better get back to my hideout as soon as possible.
    A huge thanks to everybody who was involved with the project, especially my testers, translators, and other FM authors who helped and inspired me! Detailed list of credits is in the readme.

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    Congrats on the release!
    Mirror: Cracks_in_the_Glass_[Multi5]

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    Congratulations on the release! Will play it tonight, thank you!

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    Congrats on the release, seems there's no readme file in the archive.

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    Thanks everybody!

    Quote Originally Posted by piesel View Post
    Congrats on the release, seems there's no readme file in the archive.
    Just checked, it is there. It's called FMInfo.rtf.

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    Oh thanks, missed it

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    sorry i stuck

    i can't find the hiding place.

    i'm in a baykyrad , whrer Garrett is groaning that i will be a high way up there.

    but how can i climb up there?

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    Cheers for the new FM marbleman! Just downloading now

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    @radogoal Jump onto the cart, then the pipe, and continue from there

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    Another new mission, Right on!

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    i can't find this park

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    Liking it so far. Well done

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    Congrats and thank you marbleman - off to play right now

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    Congratulation on your first ever mission marbleman

    Had a quick look and it looks just great, hopefully I'll have enough time tomorrow to get give it my fully attention.

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    Thank you very much for your effort! Downloading right now, I shall play the mission soon .

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    This one is real special, quite a ride

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    marbleman: This is something special!! WOW I am still exploring and enjoying this I always love traveling by the thieves highway.

    Anyway back to do some more looting and thank you so much for this!!!

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    grats on release,going to play it now

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    Congratulations on the release!

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    mission complete 1 hour 30 min 2675/3600 loot, 2/3 secrets i loved this mission alot very m escher like

    and the ending leads me to believe there will be a part 2

    amazing job marbleman

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    Congratulations on the new mission release Marbleman!

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    WOW what an excellent mission. I thought it would be a small one but when I found my way back to my hideout it just began
    It's very enjoyable to play this one. No need of a rope arrow and still I got everywhere up and down.
    I like the upside down part, confusing but perfectly made.

    If this is your first FM then I have to say: IT"S AWESOME!

    Thank you very much Marbleman

    I played on expert, took me 2.40 hours and I got 2325 of loot and only 1 secret.

    This one will definately be on my replaying list.

    RADOGOAL: just move along, you'll find it later on in the mission.
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    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Gloria your spoil tag is broken.

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    Congrats on the release marbledude! gonna be playing it in a while.

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    Amazing! Congratulations marbleman, this mission looks so good and is so much fun! Thieves Highway meets Constantine's mansion

    I will def have to play again as only found 1 of 3 secrets and 2030/3600 in 2.30 hrs. I don't think I explored enough at the start before going back to the hideout

    Feel like this should be on any Must Play list going

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