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Thread: T2 FM: Cracks in the Glass [EN/DE/FR/IT/RU] 16 Jun 2018

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    Location: Hungary
    Thank you, what a stange mission, especially after finding the hiding place! I really tried to keep fresh my sense of space oh my god

    I found so far only 1 secret: next to an engine room, in a place with many iron doors - very dodgy but could you give any - not direct - clues where are the other two? Thanks

    Congrats, marbleman! I am looking forward to your second mission (and the further ones)

    I loved the unusual places, upside down town parts, the way to get into the warehouse, mantling high up without rope arrows, jumping up in order to swim in a river hahaaa - and so on, I love investigating, tricky situations, and solving them too.
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    Playing now!

    Congratulations on release!

    I noticed the reference to a certain
    TV show!

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    @Cheela: There are a couple readables that hint to the other two secrets

    @shadows: Nice There are a few more references in there!

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    Thanks, i have just finished your mission, 2h 33, 3190/3600, 3/3 secrets - but i remember only one secret notification
    Btw, is the area with red ambient light accessible? near hiding place. it seems the grate can be moved/opened
    where are the references shadows mentioned?

    are you going to continue this mission?

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    Congrats on the release marblebro I hope this will be the first mission out of a long project

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    Finished: 1 hour 59 minutes. 2850/3600 loot.

    + Lack of rope arrows makes traversing rooftops and balconies very exciting.
    + Lots of various areas to explore.
    + Hidden, underground Keepers' Area - I like when FM authors include them in their levels .
    + Exploring Garrett's apartment and learning more about other tenants was a pure joy. Dead body in the chest, wow!
    + Inverted world a'la Constantine's Mansion - great design.
    + Minimal loot requirement is neither too easy nor too hard to meet. "Stealing as you go" - so no an hour-long hunting for one missing purse.
    + Well-polished level - I haven't found any noticeable bugs.
    - The storyline did not really fascinate me. I know that Garrett is not supposed to know much, but completing main objectives was more like a boring chore.
    - Some ventilation shafts were difficult to travel through, especially the one leading to the antiquarian's shop. Garrett couldn't mantle ladders and kept falling down (and dying) until I finally managed to get down with no HP loss.

    My rating: 7+/10

    All in all, it's a very good mission, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Thank you for your time.

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    Finished at Hard, also found only 1 of 3 secrets.

    I liked the upside down/twisted effects and the fact you could traverse them to other areas, and the nice use of climbing. I also liked how big the mission was (I only found something like 2200/3600 loot). I wish there was more story, but presumably all will be explained in future missions.

    Great mission!

    - prjames

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    Great, great mission. Melan/skacky city style with a surreal twist. It was a blast to play, I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, not knowing what crazy things would appear at the next corner. Congrats !

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    Quote Originally Posted by john9818a View Post
    Gloria your spoil tag is broken.
    ??? Sorry, didn't notice that.

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Has anyone managed to get into the library next to the warehouse? Am I even supposed to get in there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thinking Robot View Post
    Has anyone managed to get into the library next to the warehouse? Am I even supposed to get in there?

    I could only just lean into the room, for a healing potion and some loot - look careful around - and up. But there is a paper on the further table... is that readable?. No carryable crates were found to mantle through the little window.
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    That library and the red light garden are inaccessible.

    Thanks for the comments, everybody!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aemanyl View Post
    + Hidden, underground Keepers' Area - I like when FM authors include them in their levels .
    Just to clarify, do you mean the final resting place of Sir Forgothisname with the three trials, or an actual Keeper's area? If it's the latter, where did you find it?

    My first runthrough is some 2800+ loot and 2 out of 3 secrets.

    It's quite a magnificent mission, especially for a debut!

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    Mission finished in 1 hour and 7 minutes in "normal" difficult , i loved playing this one, for a first mission it's very good, sure some buildings architecture could be more worked, but apart from that everything is great, the gameplay, the atmospheres, the sounds choice, the story-line. This is the kind of mission i like to play while listening to deep house music it makes the experience more sweet and magic, the night atmosphere with stars and the thief 1 style are a good match to this genre of music.

    Hope youŽll be making more missions. Thank you for this Gift!

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    This was a wonderful FM to play through, it gets my highest recommendations.

    I found 3370/3600 and all the secrets. There's a "hint sheet" for the secrets that gives more clues about how to find them:

    One is heard rather than seen, one is not what it appears to be, and one requires a leap of faith.

    A few more hints for the secrets:

    #1 There are several alike, all lined up, but one is not like the others.

    # 2 To be honest I can't remember where this secret is, but I think it may be the "deviously hidden" item referred to in a readable. With that in mind it shouldn't be that hard to find.

    #3 If Roderick can do it, you can too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloria Creep View Post
    ??? Sorry, didn't notice that.

    I really enjoyed this mission and I finished with 2 secrets found and about 2300 loot. I too had trouble with one or two ladders that dropped down into holes from confined spaces.

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    Location: Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada

    This mission is just incredible! How this can be a first mission is beyond me. This is easily one of the best missions I've played in years.

    The ambience, the level design and all these little touches that made me smile, toppled chair and blood stain, the archer looking down from above, I didn't believe that at first. Bravo!

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    Keyla the Otter
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    Very nice level! Lots of places to explore and lots of surprises. Like this one I caught on stream

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    Has anyone managed to get through the 'crate' maze to get to the warehouse in the initial town area? I can't seem to mantle up onto any of the higher crates inside the maze. The warehouse door highlights and I can hear a guard patrolling inside, so I'm pretty sure this maze is the way into the warehouse.

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    @fortuni: Get as close as you can to the ledge and press crouch and jump at the same time. Or rather, first crouch, then jump
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    Quote Originally Posted by marbleman View Post
    Get as close as you can to the ledge and press crouch and jump at the same time.
    Nope, can't seem to do it.

    Nor can I mantle on to the pipe in the courtyard, even pushed the big barrel over to the pipe. I'm getting terribly frustrated with this mission.

    Edit: I'm off to work now, but if someone could load a save on top of the pipe I would appreciate it, I just can't manage it myself and there are no crates available to help.

    Edit 2: Just checked and my newmantle was commented, don't know why but all is good now. Onwards and upwards!
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    This is too hyped, can't wait to play it when I get home

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    By the way, those who had trouble with vents, let me know which ones, and I'll see what I can do in an eventual update.

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    A vast and remarkable mission. Thank you.

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    The only 'problem' I had was with the grammophone in the office, the music it played was very very soft. Is that intentional?

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