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Thread: T2 FM: Cracks in the Glass [EN/DE/FR/IT/RU] 16 Jun 2018

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    John, the key is not needed to enter. Check the crates

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    marbleman now I see. I went there before but I just wasn't looking in the right direction.

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    the best part of this mission is that it is excatly what i mentioned in a old post about mc escher levels

    i would love to this this style grow from more authors Constantine/mc escher fan mission contest would be so cool and to add even a twist to that we can use bretherns idea of only starting with abandon missions and go wild on them

    ofcourse my fav would be a escape style mission in this mc escher style =t1 escape type but in different area's

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    Had lots of fun with this one!!! Thanks!!!

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    I like this mission very much. A lot of climbing and searching various areas, including thieves highway. I've managed to find 3200 loot so far. Loot is very well hidden.

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    Thanks for this nice mission. Great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vera View Post
    I like this mission very much. A lot of climbing and searching various areas, including thieves highway. I've managed to find 3200 loot so far. Loot is very well hidden.
    wow I'm at 1800 And I'm already running out of ideas where to go, but the map is amazing. I love that it's so non linear, attention to detail is great, interesting idea overall. Haven't finished the mission yet, but its worth recommending to anyone.

    If there is any issue i encountered its some sound popping when Swimming up to the spoopy area with an empty box

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    This was a lot of fun. Very little fancy technical stuff, just plain exploring. Great!

    May as well add my stats (looks like I spend more time than most): about 3,5 hours, 2990/3600 loot, 2/3 secrets.

    The fish-nabbing noblewoman (with a secret passage to the freezer) is a definite favourite. I wonder what that was really about. Found 3 fish in her bedroom (one hidden in a potted plant).

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    Congratulations on your first release. May it be followed by many more! Downloading now and looking forward to playing it

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    Very, very good for a first release!

    I really liked the mission overall. I think it has some unique ideas and a special atmosphere. Ambients also very cleverly done.

    I loved how the normal and surreal landscapes are changing in the mission.
    I especially loved the "autumn space park" where the player can fall down to space. The nearby leaning tower and the bench with the two torches and a bottle of wine were also really special.
    Using city architecture for a Constantine's mansion like surreal landscape is also a very nice combination.

    Lot of replay value for me, not just because of the above, but because I finished with half the avaliable loot and 0 out of 3 secrets.


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    This was a lot of fun. A bit bewildering, but clearly intentionally so, and exceptionally well executed.

    For a first release it's ridiculously good. Very curious to see the author's next mission!

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    Just finished this mission and it was really fun and I absolutely loved the wacky architecture. I actually ghosted the mission too so it was fun but definitely a little bit challenging. I missed a ton of loot though only got 2235 out of 3600

    Can't wait to see more missions from you and congrats on releasing your first FM. It's an awesome first mission and I also can't wait to see where the cliffhanger at the end leads to

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    Thanks all

    @jiansonz: Well, that's about it. She just really, really, really likes fish. And she's not very good at hiding it

    @ticky: There's a scroll with hints to the location of all three secrets

    @Sneaky: I'm interested myself to see where it leads to Actually making the storyboard right now.

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    well... finished on normal last night... took around 1h 25m to finish... (part of which was trying to find my way back to my hideout..kept getting lost)

    nice little cliffhanger at the end... how soon can we expect part 2??

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    Big thanks for this one. I had a bunch of fun with it. Am about $1,000.00 short on loot so I may have to poke around some more. With that much short am curious if I missed an entire area or if you had a super hoard of goods somewhere.

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    @Sneak: Some loot pieces are well-hidden, but there's no hoard anywhere All three secrets amount to 450 loot in total.

    @Eiji: No idea Next year maybe!
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    Wow, this one messed with my head a bit, trying to figure out which way was up! I absolutely loved the up to swim, down to breathe section. I wasn't able to find all the secrets- only found 2 of them:
    *The one door of many that led to a Keeper's Library.
    *The unexpected location for a vase.

    Sadly, Sir A 'Donk's legacy wasn't helpful to me in finding the secrets. I never found any place where 'my ears would lead me where my eyes could not', nor a spot for 'a leap of faith', and I'm assuming the 'to the Keepers' door was the 'what an object seems is not always what it is'?, but the oddly placed vase doesn't seem to fit any of his hints, either... however I still had a grand time. I thought I had done a really good job at finding loot, I found so many little hidden, tucked out of the way spots, but I only wound up with 2730!

    Thank you, marbleman. When the mission ended without a Mission Complete screen, I admit I was excitedly hoping it would segue into another part. I shall eagerly await it doing exactly that!

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    Location: Malmö, Sweden
    Replaying now, hunting for loot. With the help from an early post in the thread, I found the third secret (not sure what 'sound' has to do with that, though..?). I've also found a couple of more loot items (including one in a room in our (or rather, my landlord's) house that I completely missed has a frobbable door!).

    Missing only 220 now, but I am running out of ideas. I won't have to stack a bunch of potted plants to get somewhere high, do I?

    At least I am not getting lost as much anymore when I try to move between parts of the city...

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    If you want, you can send me your save file, and I'll tell (or hint) you where the remaining loot is No, you don't need to stack any objects to get to places

    The boarded-up door emits a buzz, hence the sound clue.
    Last edited by marbleman; 23rd Jul 2018 at 13:22.

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    I don't have Thief installed at the moment, so I'm curious for screenshots for this mission. Are there any?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marbleman View Post
    If you want, you can send me your save file, and I'll tell (or hint) you where the remaining loot is
    Thanks, but I decline the offer. Once I give up searching, I'll use the cheating tools lootlist and TTLL. The detective work one still has to do is often quite fun.

    Found a candlestick on windowsill (that I actually found the first playthrough...), so 195 still mising.

    You're right, there is a different sound by that door illusion. I don't think I would have ever connected that to the clue, though.

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    marbleman, here are the five pieces of loot you managed to hide so well that I didn't find them without cheating:

    - scattered coins on ground next to outer wooden steps by Paolo's
    - bag under stool on balcony opposite Paolo's
    - plate in landlord's room (fiendishly hidden! Although it is possible to see it, if you get to just the right spot)
    - ring stuck on upside-down balcony W hideout house
    - ring on outdoor windowsill a short ways E door to house with dumbwaiter (embarassing, since I had been here, by this window, standing on the ledge!)

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    Wonderful mission

    Through the lot of work I come to it only now. I love every balkony, the wood house, the fire river to go through without any damage and the nearly neverending ways to everywhere. An absolut adventure to discover all the hide places !!! Great compliment to you marbleman !

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    Just wow!

    It didn't take too long before I discovered exactly why there was a map only to the opening area of the mission. Then my jaw dropped. Marbleman, you've done an incredible job with this—I was full of glee as I explored, despite getting turned about and completely lost many, many times! Just amazing!

    Eagerly looking forward to the followup, whenever it comes.

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    Marbleman, sir, how does it feel to create an instant classic ? Haven't yet finished the FM but I'm in constant awe. Brilliant, everything.

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