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Thread: System Shock (on 1.44MB floppies) is getting disk read errors on my Windows 95 laptop

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    I prefer the Yamaha YMF262-M on the SoundBlaster Pro, 16, and AWE32 cards, the golden era of OPL3 mmmmmmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al_B View Post
    Unfortunately it's not likely to be that easy. The music on old sound cards used a Yamaha YM3812 which had the waveform built into the chip. The tones were modulated using FM synthesis which gave it a distinctive sound that would be difficult to reproduce using a MIDI soundfont - the principle is quite different.
    Might be do-able under dosbox.

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    Yes, there is OPL (the Yamaha chips) emulation in dosbox and it's good enough for my ears.

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    Well, I just installed the game from my floppies - and laughed when I found inside the box an extra floppy labelled 'bootdisk + memmaker'. Man, this thing was hard to run on my 486
    Anyway, the music does sound a lot different indeed. At least when I configure the game to use SoundBlaster, which was what I had on my old computer.

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