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Thread: Sunset/Twilight Missions?

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    Sunset/Twilight Missions?

    Are there any good missions set during the last hours of daylight? I played fantastic missions Behind the Closed Doors and Breaking the Stone, and now I am looking for a similar atmosphere. Something aesthetically pleasing (e.g. sunlight pouring through the cathedral stained glass) would be cool.

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    Keyhunt by Eshaktaar.

    Edit: I should add most of the mission is played underground, but the initial sunset environment when you start the mission is pretty cool.
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    The Ashen Age takes place in the evening.

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    Breaking the stone (Mission 1)

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    The third mission of Death's Cold Embrace takes place during sunset. It's very aesthetically pleasing, largely due to background music.

    The Black Frog missions 1 and 5.
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    It's just a Beauty Contest mission, but Requiem For A Thief has sunset and lots of stained glass.

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    I recommend "Ultima Ratio," the second in a trilogy of FMs by PsymH.

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    Delford Abbey has nice twilight skies, try it!

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    "The lost Castle"
    "3 distinct Adventures" (second mission)
    "Rise of the Mechanists"
    "The Gift"
    "FTM Life" (second mission)

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