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Thread: Old TTLG'ers

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo
    O shi, you done summoned the Man. There no turning back now!

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    Registered: Feb 2000
    Location: Portreath Cornwall UK
    Stay GBM, tell us stories of the hillside and swamp. Post pictures of parts of things nailed to the wall. Or have you ate everything? With salt.

    C’mon noid, you know you want you, the man has shown you the way.
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    Registered: Apr 1999
    Location: Fatteh's laundry basket.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerbread Man View Post
    What is happening?!
    He is summoned, RUN!

    Man, it's like there's this part of my memory that's been dormant for a decade and every time someone new pops up in the thread it goes "oi, remember me?"

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    Moderator and Priest
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    Location: Dinosaur Ladies of the Night
    When I see a cow, Uncia, I think of you.

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    Registered: Apr 1999
    Location: Fatteh's laundry basket.

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    Registered: Feb 2002
    Location: In the flesh.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerbread Man View Post
    What is happening?!

    Dear peeps I has return
    I missed you so much.
    I want to stay.

    Well hell, if I had know the voodoo doll would work I would have used it a long time ago. It was just so hard to make a winning bid on your toenail clippings and pubic hair on Ebay. I think Renz was beating my bid every time. But now that I have finally lit a fire under it's butt you are here. Now to make one of Alex Jones, not to put a fire under it's butt, but just to set it on fire.

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    Moderator and Priest
    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: Dinosaur Ladies of the Night
    No, I was bidding for his nose hairs. The toenails and pubes were someone else. Probably Henke.

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    Previously Important
    Registered: Nov 1999
    Location: Caer Weasel, Uelekevu
    hanky got the pubes, yes
    smithsonian wanted the rest but I was all like NAE! YE'LL NO CLONE I
    ps henke no cloning okay? Ain't nobody got time for that.

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    El Shagmeister
    Registered: Jul 2000
    Location: Under your fingernails.
    Nom Man.

    Nom nom nom.

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    Level 10,000 achieved
    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Finland
    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerbread Man View Post
    ps henke no cloning okay? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    no promises

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    Registered: Feb 2002
    Location: In the flesh.
    We have to get more of you some way. The folks we want more of we want reproduced. Be thankful. The folks we don't want more of we want neutered.

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    Registered: Sep 1999
    Location: No Maps for These Territories
    Nearly 19 years since registration? 6,910 days as of today. The mind boggles...

    Seeing those names from the past really brings back memories. Re-reading old posts, remembering past conversations, music I listened to, people and things I cared about - it's rare to get such a vivid snapshot of the past.


    This place has meant a lot to me over the years. Although I've mostly kept to my lurking ways - apart from intermittent bursts of more or less intense involvement, most notably in the T2X era - I can easily pinpoint the ways that many of you talented (!), creative (!), fun (!), crazy (!) people have helped shape who I am today.

    Thank you for that.

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    Registered: Aug 2002
    Location: Deep inside mediocrity
    I'm so tired of FB and all the useless BS that's associated with it that I've been lurking around here lately. Now that my daughter is 8 and takes less constant attention I have more time to browse the forums and get back to PC games.

    I haven't seen anything from Sluggs or theBlackman in a while. Anybody know what they are up to? Also, didn't KOMAG come back to TTLG with a different name? The Keep is just a shell and Shadow Dark Keep hasn't been updated since 2012.

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    Registered: Sep 2005
    Location: Not Kansas
    Don't know about Sluggs, but it sounds like Dusty was having health issues (age related) back in Dec. 2017 and moved to live with his daughter. Gillie posted this on his FB page last December. Dusty hasn't posted there for several months now.

    ' Had a message from Dusty's sister and posting it here.
    Please pass on that he is getting great care from his daughter and seems to be enjoying his new surroundings. Age is beginning to take it's toll with his memory although his overall health is still strong... Tell any of his friends I will try to keep you all posted.'

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Fields of bluegrass
    Glad to hear it, I was actually concerned Dusty had passed away given his age and lack of activity around here the last few years. He's in his, what... mid 80s?

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    Registered: Sep 2003
    Location: Cambridgeshire UK
    Dusty is a few months younger than me so he's nearly 81.

    Edit: I've checked and it's weeks, not months, so he was 81 a week ago. (My memory isn't what it used to be either!)
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    Still Subjective
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    Location: Idiocy will never die
    Whaaat? You guys are over 80? I knew Dusty was getting on a bit but I didn't realise he would be 80. What an amazing diversity of people we've got on here.

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: The land of ever sideways rain
    Quote Originally Posted by Gray View Post
    Through the power of the internet, ten days from now, I'll meet up with Daxim again, for the first time in roughly 15 years
    We met. For entertainment, he invited me to a Perl conference. He gave a brief speech on something or other I didn't understand, but I have to say, I quite enjoyed being there, for this simple reason: it's the first time in over a decade I was in a room full of people much more clever than I talking about things I did not understand, as opposed to being the smartest man in a room of idiots where people talk about things I am either indifferent to or actively despise, such as football or whoever is doing what to whom on bloody Love Island.

    Then we had a few meals and drinks, and lengthy whiny rants. It was quite enjoyable.

    As predicted, given that it's been about 15 years since we last met, I'm now old and fat, but to my great amusement, my circumference has expanded significantly less by comparison. If I can figure out where to freely host photos maybe TTLG could be treated to the new, mellow happily married fat Daxim*.

    *consent given for posting at the time of finishing that bottle of whateveritwas.
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    Registered: Jan 1999
    Location: Berlin
    38, fat and married? He brought a fucking chaperone when he called on me back in the day, lest I turn out a creep from the intarwebs.

    Wait, YOU brought a chaperone, too, when we met in a pub.

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    Registered: Oct 2001
    Location: 0x0x0
    Welcome back GBM...and I for one appreciate a good fuck with a soft hat. I'm 25 years married and a little "strange" is welcome.

    I'd also (as a forum elder) like some suggestions for some forum gloss at this time.

    But's good to see GBM back. This is the place I started internetting (that's not really a word is it?) If it were to go the way of the Dodo I would be much upset. So many names, so many threads, so many ideas, arguments, stellar accomplishments, artistic achievements....the utter lack of dick pics. I consider TTLG my first and only www home. So fuck you and hugs all around. The next round's on me. Drink up taffers!

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    New Member
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    I used to post way back in the early 00s. Re registered recently. Nice to the place hasnt changed.

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: The land of ever sideways rain
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyloe View Post
    Wait, YOU brought a chaperone, too, when we met in a pub.
    I did no such thing. We met at a pub/restaurant around the corner from where my friend in Berlin lived, and he joined us later. Then we went to eat some ostrich. I have photographic evidence.


    It was called BOMA, Bar of Modern Art, near Hackescher Markt. Probably long dead by now. Half decent pub with an artsy theme and stuff on the walls. I can't remember where we went for ostrich though, that'd be my friend's idea, but I remember it took a long time to get there.

    [Edit again]

    Now that I think about it, you may have been right, maybe my friend was there from the start, but that was not as a chaperone. I did not feel threatened by you, you seemed like a nice enough guy, and at no point during the evening did you try to horribly kill me and eat my soft pink flesh, so I suppose I was right to trust you. Unlike most of my online meetups.
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    Registered: Mar 2000
    Location: Is Brooklyn in the Hizzouse?
    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    Hmm. I would be interested in RBJ's take on the Mueller investigation.
    Yeah, me too.

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    Registered: Dec 2000
    Tried the ol' password reset and it turned out to be this account. Huh.

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    Registered: Jan 2000
    There we go.

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