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Thread: Celebrating TDP 20th Anniversary

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    Celebrating TDP 20th Anniversary

    In order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary, I am going to play about 20-25 classical TDP/Gold missions. Post your suggestions which FMs would like to see. I have already played Lord Edmund Entertains:

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    Augustine's Revenge by bbb


    Nigel's Hidden Treasure by bbb

    both thief 1

    his thief 2 fms are very thief one like also

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    Oh, oh my.
    Lorgan's Web. Calendra's Cistern. The Order of the Vine. The Varyx Obelisk.
    Those are just a few that really pop out from my memory. Have fun!!

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    Lord Binclair
    Bloodstone Prison
    Cult of the Resurrection
    Dirt Money
    Dock Land by belboz
    Elevator Mission (original 2000 version, really really tough, but by far and away the best of the 3 different versions)
    Endless Rain
    Events in Highrock
    Garrett's Revenge
    Golden Book Campaign
    Gems of Providence
    Gellers Pride
    Hush Hush Sweet Harlot
    Autumn in Lampfire Hills
    Lorgan's web
    Mage's Area
    Mansion of Chaos
    Mines of Morgrath
    The Phoenix Hath Risen
    Ranstall's Keep
    The Saint of Redmound
    Lord Robert's Painting
    Sepulchre of the Sinistral
    The Mystery Man
    Shadow of Doubt campaign (6 missions)
    The Chalice Of Souls
    Thieves Quarters
    The Order Of The Vine
    Trial by Night
    The Vigil

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    Yesterday, I played two very fun short FMs: Prowler of the Dark and Returning a Favor. You should try them.

    Also it was my first try of Thief 1 FMs. Many years before I tried to launch them on Darkloader but it never worked. Now with FMSelector, I can finally enjoy them. And the first thing I noticed was better quality of ambient sound compared to Thief 2 FMs. That's something that really surprised me a lot.

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    I dedicate this video to downwinder.

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    thank you very much aemanyl

    good mission,was nice to see the thief 1 trees

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    New mission:

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    great job well done,i also find loot on expert a bit tough sometimes

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    Thank you very much downwinder, never stop dewdroping good Sir.

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    A new video is up. Those who enjoy deep reflections on Thief Universum shall like it:

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    great job on cos series and great shot on fireball after it was already pissed off

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    You might want to try The Keep by Apache & Flakeman. This goes for anyone who has not played it.

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    Thank you. The next missions I am going to play are:

    Augustine's Revenge
    Bloodstone Prison
    The Keep
    Calendra's Cistern
    Autumn in Lampfire Hils

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    Enjoy, taffers:

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    The second part of Bloodstone Prison is up:

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    "golden axe" video would be a good idea to remake into a fan mission,rescuing towns people/taking out bosses/exploring

    also great job on mission aemanyl and i respect your view on not going to old places in urban exploring,i agree with it

    but the people who make profit off places like that legally are even worse,by selling public access into places

    there is no good people when making money is concerned

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