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Thread: Happy Birthday, Nightwalker!

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    Registered: Jun 2009
    Location: The Spiraling Sea

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    Registered: May 2000
    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Thank you!

    How nice to see you still visiting the forum, Lord Alan!

    Nickie, maybe if they have a world convention of "The Old Farts Society" we could finally meet!

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    Registered: Oct 2001
    Location: 0x0x0
    I'm here.

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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: Texas
    Happy Birthday Linda!!

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    Registered: Aug 2002
    Location: England
    Happy belated Birthday, Linda!

    Because I am part of the England branch of T.O.F.S. (see previous), I get a pass regarding any delayed forum posting.

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    Registered: Aug 2002
    Location: Siberia, Russia
    Happy Belated Birthday!

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