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Thread: FMSel mod path excludes

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    FMSel mod path excludes

    No one ever makes mention of the mod path excludes feature that FMSel has :/ I regularly use it when EP2 causes the glitched water to happen.

    You don't need to keep enabling and disabling your mods, people!

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    Would you care to elaborate? I don't know what you mean.

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    In FMSel, Right click on a mission > Edit...

    Add the 'mod_path' you want to exclude.

    Example, excluding Enhancement Pack 2:

    Someone who knows in detail how Dark loads its assets may be able to explain more, but this has worked for me fine.

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    This is indeed very cool, and something I never knew about. Just tested it on a couple of FMs and it works like a charm. It's nice too if you want to change to display name so it's the proper name of the FM instead of just its filename.

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    This is cool! I couldn't remember how to disable it so I would have to go to hints and tricks thread every time.
    Thank you. this will be very helpful.

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    NewDarkLoader has a similar thing. You right click on the FM and go to Edit details, and there's a 'disabled mods' field. For both programs, a * will disable all mods.

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