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Thread: Thief 2 master difficulty save files?

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    Thief 2 master difficulty save files?

    Hi everyone, I hope it's ok that I signed up to this forum to beg for files.

    The long and short of it is I lost my progress in Thief 2 (TWICE!) due to my own computer incompetence and having to repeat so much is frustrating. I looked around for some save files and found some here that someone kindly uploaded. The thing is the saves are on normal difficulty and I really prefer the extra challenges on the master difficulty setting. I couldn't find any save files on the internet with this difficulty setting, so I've basically come begging to see if anyone would mind uploading a save they may have knocking about.

    The furthest I've got in is completing Shipping and Recieving, so a save at the end of that would be pretty sweet. I'm not bothered about having a perfect score or anything, I just want to fast forward to where I got on master difficulty.

    I can not oversell how grateful I would be if anyone here could help me out with this. I really want to play and finish the game without repeating the first 2 levels again.

    Thank you!

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    You don't really need save files for this. You can either start up a new game, and then press shift+control+alt+end to skip to the next level, or just edit your user.cfg file in your Thief 2 directory and then edit the settings to select whatever mission you want to start with.

    I assume by "master" difficulty you mean "expert." You can change your difficulty at the beginning of each mission too, so you could even use your "normal" saves and just change to "expert" at the beginning of the next mission.

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    Thank you so much for this help!

    EDIT: Feel like I really should acknowledge the multiple counts of bufoonery I have just committed to the internet with this thread. Oh well.

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    If you want to give yourself some cash add this cash_bonus 1500 to the user.cfg. Of course you can choose whatever amount you want.

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