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Thread: Ambient "music" for thief fms

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    Ambient "music" for thief fms

    Hello taffers.Just like everyone else here Ive been a huge fan of Thief 1/2/gold since the beginning .After all the years of thief fms that have I enjoyed created by this community I would like to make my own small contribution.I have been a guitarist/musician since I was 8.I am 45 now.I am a teacher/session music/writer aswel as running my own original band.I have recorded at least 100 ambient live soundscapes with my synth guitar.I have uploaded 2 of them here and will probably upload 20 or 30 more over the weekend .Feel free to use/download them for fms They range from spacey, ambient,sinister ,romantic etc
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    Thank you very much. I'm going to copy the thread to EdGuild as not all mission authors visit this forum so perhaps you could keep an eye on the EdGuild thread in case there are any questions there.

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    i like the second one a lot,i can see it being used in a outdoor setting ,thank you for the great sounds

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    Thank you everyone . Ive just added another track. As I say the weekend will be when I upload the bulk of it

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