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Thread: Upside-down, best way to build?

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    Upside-down, best way to build?


    An area in my next mission will be upside down completely. It's a small town area. What would be the best way to make this? I already discovered that, just building it normally is really confusing and hard to do. Then I rotated my camera 180 degrees, but one axis to look around would be inverted, and the 2D windows would still be upside down, so it's still confusing.

    How much would go wrong if I just made it all normally, then rotate the whole thing 180 degrees as a group-brush? In the past I've had bad experiences with group-brushes as some brushes wouldn't align perfectly to the grid.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Making a multibrush and rotating it is fine with a little care. Use a large grid-aligned brush around everything as a reference to ensure everything remains aligned.

    1. Make sure all your brushes are on the grid first.
    2. Create the multibrush, but don't rotate it just yet.
    3. Create one huge brush that is on the grid and completely surrounds all the others in the multibrush (I make this on a larger grid so it's easier to see alignment).
    4. Select the multibrush again (you can do this by clicking on one brush from it, then shift+click another brush from it)
    5. Shift+click the huge brush to add it to the multibrush; it should now also be the selected brush.
    6. Rotate it! Preferably just by typing 180 in the relevant box, but alt+mouse should also work fine. Everything will rotate around the center of the huge brush. If you need to reposition things now, you can safely move them while the huge brush is selected and things will remain on the grid.
    7. Double-check: set the grid back to the smallest size you used, then highlight unsnapped. It shouldn't highlight anything.

    I've done this regularly, and it's been fine. I've rotated (by multiples of 90) and moved around large, detailed chunks of my map while building it.

    But always use the highlight to double-check because you know how Dromed is sometimes.

    (This is also the way to be able to save & load multibrushes without everything become misaligned.)
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    Huh, I built all of my upside down areas in Cracks in the Glass normally, by rotating the camera

    It did make me dizzy at first though!

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    That's a really fast reply, thanks for the detailed explanation! Can't wait to get home from work and try this out. This could really save me some time (and a headache).

    Edit: @marbleman, I can only respect that, it's not an easy task!

    Edit2: I tried your method for a house I built, vfig. As I understand, the last brush you select for your multibrush is the one Dromed will try to snap. I never new this Dromed still gave me an error, since apparently each brush wasn't snapped to grid (it really looked like it was, probably wasn't by 0,001 or something). Is this just something that happens randomly or is it because I had objects in my multibrush? Either way, snapping to grid fixed it easily. I only have to re-align the textures which is fine. Awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marbleman View Post
    Huh, I built all of my upside down areas in Cracks in the Glass normally, by rotating the camera
    I've been doing a little bit of upside down building, but I've been building completely upside down.

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