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Thread: Frozen Synapse 2 - Releasing on th 13th of September 2018!

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    Frozen Synapse 2 - Releasing on th 13th of September 2018!

    Hi guys, thought I'd drop by here and give a recommendation.
    There are few games I ever truly loved... Thief (especially The Metal Age) is one, which is why I'm on here... Frozen Synapse is another. (there are more, but less important in this context).
    The first Frozen Synapse came out in 2011, and I must have played more than a 1000 hours of this game, It was just so damn great. I would recommend anyone to go and buy it right now if they haven't played it, but unfortunately multi-play (which is where the game really shines) is all but dead by now.

    BUT! The sequel comes out tomorrow!
    So if you are missing a game to play over the weekend, go check it out!

    The core gameplay revolves around using waypoints to make plans for your squad of units in a top down view of a random generated level (much like the planning phase of the rainbow six games if you ever played those).
    While you are planning your moves, your opponent is doing the same, you make place orders for your opponents units as well and play out simulations of what you think he will do, evaluating your counter moves etc. Once you are satisfied with your plan you commit your orders, wait for your opponent to do the same, and the to order sets will play out simultaneously in a small 5 second turn... Then you make new plans.
    This kind of game play offers a lot of tactics, bluffing, meta play etc. and by the looks of it, some new interesting game modes have been added on top.

    Hope to see you there! I'll be Tommyph1208
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    Great, another Frozen Synapse 2 thread with a soon-to-be-outdated title.

    But yes, I am HYPED for this game. Will definitely send out MP challenges once I've gotten comfortable with it. Will probably play through the SP campaign first tho.

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    Didn't see the other post (seems it was created 2 years ago when the game was first to be released) so yeah, it seems silly, I'll just go ahead and delete the post... Oh wait... You can't
    (at least I changed the title)

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