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View Poll Results: Which are your favourite diffiulty factors?

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  • Difficult patrol routes

    24 40.68%
  • Scant equipment

    16 27.12%
  • "Do not kill any humans"

    7 11.86%
  • Traps

    10 16.95%
  • Undead/Monsters

    12 20.34%
  • Puzzles

    24 40.68%
  • "Technical" puzzles

    18 30.51%
  • Keyhunt

    17 28.81%
  • Loothunt

    16 27.12%
  • Well-lit areas

    12 20.34%
  • Forced ghosting

    19 32.20%
  • Loud surfaces

    8 13.56%
  • Well-hidden switches

    21 35.59%
  • Acrobatics (climbing/rope arrows)

    25 42.37%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What makes FM's difficult?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyrano View Post
    Telliamed's The Taffer's Tower from 2002.
    Yes, I was trying to remember it also, although to be fair it's pretty much a gag mission IIRC.

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    I tried to only answer what I often find explicitly difficult: Difficult patrol routes, well lit areas, and, on occasion, well hidden switches. These really only count, however, if they truly ARE difficult. Tricky patrol routes in certain places? Ok. A few well lit areas I might have to get through? ...Ok, maybe. That one well hidden switch that's in an area you KNOW it has to be in because you read the book that describes it? No problem, I'll find it eventually. Pile it all on excessively? I'll be throwing my hands up in defeat.

    Were this poll instead asked "What makes FMs tedious/aggravating/annoying?", then I'd also add 'forced ghosting', 'excessive key and/or loothunting', and 'an overabundance of loud surfaces'. I'll get through those, but I'll probably be grumbling and I won't be enjoying the FM as much as I'd wished to.

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    now that i had time to think about it i would say

    thief 1 mission by dront ,"plot" are very hard,due to 3 factors,lighting and amount of a.i. and how sensitive they are and lack of place to have a safe place to be

    ^all those factors make for a hard fm

    and also when it comes to puzzles i only hate the ones that have obscure math problems,like garrett would even have any idea how to solve them,remember we are suppose to be garrett in fan missions,not ourselves

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    16 men like keyhunt. Seriously?!
    I think the poll question is not clear for everybody. Or you need another poll - "Which difficulty factors make you mad?"
    For me:
    Acrobatics is the main frustrating factor.
    Undead/Monsters is the second one.
    Loothunt wins the third place.
    And the favourite difficulties for me are:
    Difficult patrol routes
    Puzzles (of both types)

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    When I voted, I definitely thought it was difficulty you don't like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zontik View Post
    16 men like keyhunt. Seriously?!
    I love keyhunts. When properly setup, they're amazing. It's like a giant puzzle essentially

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    Downwind?? who? owell.

    Yeah I think a lot of us hate key hunt missions. But a lot of people love them. Seems in the past 10 years the thief FM games have gotten to where they are keyhunt & massive puzzle type missions and have gotten away from the origional thril of thief. To each their own, This is not an attack. We all love the game, but have so dif needs.
    Some hate hard patrols, some hate keyhunts. What I mean by keyhunt is where you either have to look at "every last billionth of an inch" of ground, shelves, tables etc to find a key, read EVERY book in the game to find a hint, or worse and I see this a lot, HAVE to go online to get answers.

    Nothing wrong with a little key searching and maybe have to read some scrolls or books, but a lot of them are so linear
    If I want to read 40 minutes of books I'll get out a book, But to load up a game and be FORCED to read. NOT fun. I don't mind a little reading. But geez.

    Seems most of the great artists who make missions now a days are also infatuated with reading and keyhunts and puzzles. A lot of those guys and gals are so gifted in art and charactor. And I still applaud them. This is what I dislike about their missions. And at the same time like the mission.
    To each thier own, I just like the org type missions where the excitment of getting caught or killed, having freedome to get extra loot, but not forced to look at every inch of the ground and walls to find a switch or key to find some secret. Makes you apprecieate those good ol missions.

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