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Thread: 4K wallpapers

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    4K wallpapers

    Since buying a 4k desktop monitor a month ago or so, I've found most of the existing wallpapers available through Windows themes look too pixelated. Which reputable sites do any of you use to get the occasional wallpaper or two?

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    I've been using for awhile. is also pretty good if you happen across one of their big wallpaper dumps.

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    There are loads of great art subreddits for this. Check the imaginary network, for stuff like Imaginary cities or spaceships or landscapes. A lot of great wallpaper stuff in there.

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    Make your own ! Start any game on your new monitor in 4k. Enable all eyecandy. Enable 8xSSAA. Even if it runs at 10 fps. Even if it runs at 2 fps. Fps don't matter for screenshots. Go to your favorite locations and make a bunch of screenshots. You can then use those screenshots as wallpapers. I bet you can make beautiful screenshots in games like Skyrim, the Witcher 3, maybe Dishonored or Dark Souls 3 too.

    Another option is to simply use Google Image search.
    Do a search for "4k wallpapers".
    When you get the result, refine your search.
    In my results there is actually a button for "4k resolution".
    Also, click on the "tools" button. Click on the drop-down-menu called "size".
    Select "exactly" and type in the exact resolution you want to see. (3840 x 2160 I assume).
    That should point you to real 4k wallpapers.

    You can refine the search by typing things like "4k wallpapers skyrim".
    You can also (after clicking "tools") select a "color". Very nice if you want to use a certain color or tone.

    The reason I use Google Images is that most websites dedicated to wallpapers do not care about resolution. They take a nice picture, and rescale it to any resolution you can think of. Really irritating if you only want to use native resolutions (which I want). Using Google Images gave me the impression it is easier to find native resolution wallpapers than going to a wallpaper-website. I might be mistaken.

    I've been using Google Image Search to find 1080x2160 wallpapers for my new phone.
    Very handy.
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    I you like some imagery from space, some of these are close to 4k:

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    I tend to go for nature, architecture and interesting still-life wallpapers most of all. I've found some pretty good ones on so far.

    As far as space is concerned, I prefer the fake ones such as

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    your human eyes can see in 576 megapixels,how does that compare to 4k? if i may ask

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    In terms of information quantisation, your eyes aren't digital, so pixel comparisons are stupid. We don't perceive reality as discrete points of light on a screen, unless you want to count the upper limit of photons entering both eyes on a per-scene basis, and even then, how many of them you can resolve as meaningful information remains a function of your brain.

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    I wasn't sure if downwinder was making a joke. I'm still not sure. In any case, though, how big any individual pixel on a 4K display looks is also entirely dependent on how big the display is and how close you sit to it. Which is probably obvious, but when better to mention obvious things than on a Monday morning?

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    I'm sitting here with my face mashed up against the screen. There are pixels EVERYWHERE!

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