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Thread: Messed up T2 install, hoping for easy undo

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    Messed up T2 install, hoping for easy undo

    Was downloading in the background while playing T2X (NecroAge FM vr). Didn't realise that drive was low on space, and DLs took every last byte while T2X was still running. Quit game when I noticed that it refused to save, and it appeared to quit OK.

    But now game won't launch at all. Just nothing happens, even though I have now freed up space.

    Can anyone think of what might have happened and how to fix it?

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    when i get a issues simaler to that i deleted everything thief and restart,conflicts so happen sometimes,i am sure if you a pro you can get into files,but seems to me the uninstall and reinstall is best,i never like to write over a programs in my comp,i always removed 100% then reinstall fresh,something i learned a long time ago with ibm 396 comps pre internet

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    Ah yes, the Intel 80396. Simaler to the '386, but never really caught on. Sold mostly to the inhabitants of Southern.

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    Figured it out. It was a corrupted dark.cfg file in the root folder. Replacing it with a backup version of the file did the trick and game now launches.

    I guess T2 is meant to write to it on exit but this got corrupted due to the lack of disk space.

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