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Thread: Do you use subtitles?

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    Registered: Apr 2011

    Do you use subtitles?

    Since NewDark supports subtitles in Thief, do you use them when playing? If a fan mission has subtitle support, do you turn that on?

    If your preferred language is not English, and you're playing a fan mission with new dialog in English, would you want subtitles? English subtitles or subtitles in your language?

    (For example, there's English subtitles for The Dark Project/Thief Gold and English subtitles for The Metal Age, and I know that people have made subtitles in Turkish, Polish, and more.)

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    I've never tried the subtitles until I clicked the links you provided. I think I've gone so long without them that it feels odd using them, I'd rather use my ears to listen to the dialogue rather than reading it on the screen since Thief is very much about using sound to locate enemies, especially when the subtitles reveal everything that NPC will say, which can be problematic if they're saying alot. I probably would've used it if I knew of the option when I first played though.

    It's good for non-english speakers who never got a dub, or want to experiance the english voice actors, so I definately approve of the option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by some1stoleit View Post
    especially when the subtitles reveal everything that NPC will say
    That's configurable. For example. if you put subtitles_hide_types fx+bark+urgent in your user.cfg, then you'll only see subtitles for conversations, Garrett's inner monolog, and movies. (And each of those kinds can be hidden too if you prefer).

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    Registered: Aug 2018

    \old Deaf guy

    Voted "I don't use subtitles", because I use other software when needed.

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    next will will get a request on brail thief fan missions

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    Registered: Aug 2018
    That is a callus unthoughtful comment, downwinder; the blind have had brail software for 20 years. What use is your cripple-ware going to be to them!!!

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    Location: Southern,California
    you missed my point a fan mission not done how author intended is not how to play a fan mission,of course if its only in a certain tongue then i can see it being used to be able to know what to do ,not sure if the ever found a fix for readable

    what is cripple ware? you mean my bad grammar? if so yeah i know

    also not sure blind people can play thief fan mission even with software as i doubt its compatible with thief anything,but if it was i would love to see a video of someone doing a level

    i wasent being callus ,i was just making a stupid remark in the pc culture of the interwebs just to be called out ,so i can be humbled once again over some text not understood by others

    but my last guess is you are a troll with a new account here to set me up to try to get kicked from board with how you replyed leaves me no other options,but then again i could be wrong also

    you are the first person to put my name in bold so you are very serious

    i ment no offence

    from downwinder and dewdrop

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    Registered: Apr 2016
    i was just making a stupid remark
    What else is new?

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    Registered: Aug 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    but my last guess is you are a troll
    don't feed the trolls

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    What say we dispense with the truculent behaviour, and get on with the very important job of being Thief fans and all round good eggs? Important anniversary coming up, and all that.
    I frequently use subtitles whilst watching movies/TV/ games, as I'm losing the hearing in my right ear (now with tinnitus). My gradual hearing loss is more about misunderstanding people when they speak rather than not being able to hear them. The brain often pops a similar sounding word into the noggin when listening to conversations, rather than the word actually spoken. Funny at first, a little depressing as time wears on.
    I would use English subs for Fms, if available.

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