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Thread: What if I told you that she loved you so much?

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    RIP, Mara. We love you and will miss you.

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    I still hope this turns out to be a sick prank.

    RIP MsLedd! You will be missed.

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    I definitely hadn't planned on being back here twice in one weekyear... but I've been digging through old threads to remember her and crying all morning.

    I spent many hours messaging Mara, usually along the lines of "Hey, sorry I was such a dick to _____" with her (almost unfailingly) telling me, "It's OK, I was thinking the same thing, just couldn't say it." I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Mara was 90% of the reason I never got banned from this place, so you guys can all blame her for that.

    But she was probably also 90% of the reason that most of you guys kept coming back too. With the strong personalities that this place harbored in its best days, she managed to both be a ringleader for the hi-jinks, and still nudge all of us assholes to be better people. I think more than anyone, she had real personal connections behind the scenes. I know GBM isn't exaggerating when he says she loved us, you could see it in the way that she took an interest in the people behind the screen and took care of us in more ways than any of us deserved.

    I can't imagine her being gone, and it still hasn't quite hit me. I'm going to miss her terribly.

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    I'm hoping this is a mistake or a prank! I truly can't believe Mara could be gone. This is beyond sad, it's shocking and unbelievable! She just posted in the Nutthaus a couple of days ago.

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    Well.... shit. :/

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    My shit's coming back together slowly. Please, not even as a grim and sardonic aside (and you know how I love the grim and sardonic asides), please don't think I would ever make a joke of this sort. Not about anyone I loved, and not to anyone I loved.

    I wish I could explain what happened. I don't even know what happened. Amanda is still friends with Mara's ex-husband Ray, and when I came home from shopping last night Amanda had just been on the phone with him after he asked her to call him. Even Ray didn't know what happened.

    Mara was my best friend across two decades of adult life. She was my support when things were shit, my partner-in-crime when hijinks needed to be undertaken, my drinking buddy on far too many nights. Generous and powerful, love and loved. Just a stunning example of friendship. And now I'm losing my shit again.

    Go buy some tequila. Toast that wonderful bitch until you can't speak your native tongue anymore. Make her laugh one more time.

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    Oh my god, no!

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    Damn. Was it breast cancer? Not that it matters, I just know it ran in her family. She thanked me so effusively when I donated to her walk. I suppose she did everyone. She was such a wonderful person.

    This sucks. I don't know how to process it just now. Automatically I feel ashamed of my crude jokes and boorish behavior and wish I had been more heartfelt in my responses to her, but then, it was the same with Fluke. Not that there is any doubt she didn't overlook my words as just me being me. She will be missed. That much I know.

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    I don't think anyone's really thinking it's a prank. They're just hoping against hope.

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    Ah, that's very depressing news indeed. My contact with her has been infrequent these last few years (aside from the occasional Facebook comment), but I remember her very well from the old days, and always felt she was a real sweetheart. I remember she would always take time out of her no doubt busy schedule to help me with various computer problems way back when, and she was always sending me interesting things in the mail, which I've retained over the years: my favorite was an hourglass that I still keep on my bureau. So sorry to hear about this... and especially sad for both her family and the people on here who knew her better.

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    She was just a lovely person.

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    I feel it is a missed opportunity that I did't get to know her better. I hope we can find out some more details soon because it sounds like a very unfortunate sudden illness

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    Dreadful information, I’m in genuine shock over loosing someone I only know through this place. A real character, a real person and just so nice.

    Condolences to her family and all here.

    We have lost one of the foundations of this place, we have lost a good one.
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    Very sad news.

    I happen to be updating a T2 FM for which Mara did some voice acting. It'd be nice to add some sort of tribute to her, but I'm not sure what it should be.

    I've placed this rose there:

    Maybe there should be a plaque next to it, or a quote scroll with peoples' messages. Or maybe it's bit soon to be thinking about this. There's no urgency however, but I'm open to suggestions.

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    You could make the rose itself frobbable, and when frobbed it pops up bare text at the top "In memory of Mara." or something like that. I think that's a fitting way to do it. A plaque is fine too, but just the rose means it's more in-world and for some reason that feels right to me. Any respectful way to do it would be good though. That's just my first-impression feeling.

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    Bloody hell.

    I am... kind of speechless.

    She was always good to me, mentoring me when I became a moderator, teaching me stuff. Always funny to have lengthy chats about nothing with. Always full of dirty jokes. Always clever.

    I just assumed that she'd return to the forums at some point. She will be missed.

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    Why are all my friends dying? I am real shocked after her post on Thursday on nuthaus. I don't know if any of the advice that I gave Mara over the years helped, but she helped me many times dealing is shit. I will miss her.

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    This is very sad... I never knew her personally but from the stuff I read about her and the way people spoke about her she always struck me as a very kind-hearted, fun person. The kind of person that in retrospect you wish you'd come to know.

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    She was.

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    Terrible. Just terrible. I saw her post in the Facebook group the other day and thought how great it was she was still about. I did not know her at all well but she sent me the sweetest message years ago when I donated to her charity thing, even though it was a very modest sum. This whole place is infused with her DNA, it's hard to believe she's not here any more. Deepest love and condolences to her family and friends.

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    very sad news

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    I don't...

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    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    Maybe there should be a plaque next to it, or a quote scroll with peoples' messages. Or maybe it's bit soon to be thinking about this. There's no urgency however, but I'm open to suggestions.
    Have that rose there and make it pickable, then make it so it can be dropped in a secret or meaningful place.

    This way, you'll also tribute another wonderful lady.

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    I'm still trying to make sense of what I have just been told. This was not supposed to happen. How can this be? Not her.

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